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Buddy M Dodd
Buddy M Dodd

Hi, I am Buddy M. Dodd. I’ve started InitNg.org because I want to share my experience in Laptop & PC area with other peoples.

As a Product Designer, I have worked with companies like Dell and Asus, counting over 6 years of professional experience in the laptop & pc field.

In this blog, I will review various Laptop & PCs products such as laptops, PC, Prebuilt Desktops, and other related products. My goal is to build a rigorous evaluation of various Laptop & PCs products so that you and I can better understand the differences in the products and their relative benefits.

Hopefully, it can help you in finding the right product at a reasonable price.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me here or via info[at]initng.org



InitNG is a full replacement for the old and in many ways deprecated System V Init system. It speeds up the boot process with parallel starts, allows you to monitor your running daemons and has many more features.

InitNG was originally started in 2005 by Jimmy Wennlund, and now the development is handled by a team from all around the world.

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Trac is distributed under the modified BSD License.
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