Top 4 Best 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges

What is the best 12 gram co2 cartridges in the market now? We have created this guide that will assist you to make the best option

The 12 gram CO2 cartridge could be little but it’s certainly mighty. The thumb-sized device can provide a good reduction of gasoline in only a couple of seconds and become a severe life-saver in sticky conditions. After all, there are just a few things in the world which have the ability to single-handedly inflate a bicycle tire, carbonate fire and water an air rifle.

CO2 cartridges are kicking around for centuries and have been used in many different ways through history. In the 1920sthey have been utilized in old-school pop siphons to produce sweet seltzer. From the mid-1950sthey had been powering air guns, also in 1989, Genuine Innovations invented the very first CO2 inflator head to pump up flat bike tires.

Nowadays, the cartridges come in many different forms and you’ll be able to select the one which best suits the task at hand. The most significant thing to consider is if you want a threaded or non-threaded variant as each provides its own pros and cons. Here, we have chosen a number of the best 12 gram CO2 cartridges which can deliver you petrol in a snap

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Top 4 Best 12 gram CO2 Cartridges

SaleBestseller No. 1
Crosman 12-Gram CO2 Powerlet Cartridges For Use With Air Rifles And Air Pistols
Crosman 12-Gram CO2 Powerlet Cartridges For Use With Air Rifles And Air Pistols
12-GRAM CO2 POWERLETS - Compatible with most air rifles and air pistols; SNUG FIT, SOLID SEAL - For reliable and consistent performance
SaleBestseller No. 2
Daisy Outdoor Products 25 Count CO2 Cylinder, Silver, 12gm
Daisy Outdoor Products 25 Count CO2 Cylinder, Silver, 12gm
Premium CO2 cylinders; 25 count; Exceptional quality for unmatched accuracy; Daisy quality and reliability
SaleBestseller No. 3
Gamo 62124702554 12-Gram Replacement CO2 Cylinders, 25-Pack
Gamo 62124702554 12-Gram Replacement CO2 Cylinders, 25-Pack
CO2 cartridges for air pistols; Silver Finish; Will shoot up to 80 times; 25 gram co2 bulk 25 pack
SaleBestseller No. 4

#1, Crosman CO2 Powerlet Cartridges

Crosman 12-Gram CO2 Powerlet Cartridges For Use With Air Rifles And Air Pistols
  • 12-GRAM CO2 POWERLETS - Compatible with most air rifles and air pistols
  • SNUG FIT, SOLID SEAL - For reliable and consistent performance
  • 40-COUNT BOX - Ideal for the air gun target sport enthusiast
  • MADE IN THE USA - With quality materials

Air rifles have suffered as a hobby since they’re excellent for target practice and they are a whole lot of fun, also. Obviously, you can’t need to run out of ammo as you’re shooting goals. Luckily, Crosman’s box includes 40 different CO2 cartridges to help keep you firing daily. Produced in America, the cartridges are compatible with most air rifles and pistols and consume 12 grams of carbon dioxide per day. Each includes a non-threaded seal, which means that you may just push or press them in rather than screwing. What’s more, the cartridges promise a nice, comfortable fit and strong seal for consistent operation.

#2, Asura 12g CO2 Cartridges – 40PK

Asura® 12g CO2 Cartridges - 40PK
  • 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges (Unthreaded)
  • Pack of 40
  • For compatible airsoft/BB/paintball guns
  • Provides a strong and consistent power source for your airsoft competition game that does not require recharging. You will need a CO2 compatible airsoft gun.
  • NOTE: The 12g unthreaded CO2 cartridges are NOT designed for CO2 Drain Line Cleaner or CO2 Tire Inflator. They normally use 16 gram cartridges instead. Please refer to your product manual and buy the correct type of cartridges for your own device.

Asura 12 gram CO2 cartridges are all compatible using almost any airsoft gun, paintball gun, air gun which needs a 12gram CO2 cartridge. CO2 power permits you to shoot in quick succession. CO2 cartridges also permit you to rapidly replenish the power supply, without needing to recharge (like with an AEG).

Do not jeopardize your game as your rifle lacks juice. Use CO2 guns and simply don’t overlook to bring cartridges.
Provides a powerful and consistent power supply for your airsoft contest game that doesn’t need recharging. You’ll require a CO2 harmonious airsoft weapon.

The Asura 12 gram CO2 cartridges are UNTHREADED. You shouldn’t buy this product if your apparatus takes threaded cartridges only. The 12g threaded CO2 cartridges Aren’t designed to get CO2 Drain Line Cleaner or CO2 Tire Inflator. They typically utilize 16 gram cartridges instead. Please consult with a product manual and purchase the proper kind of cartridges on your device.

#3, Umarex High-Grade CO2 Cartridges

Umarex High-Grade CO2 Cartridges for Pellet Guns, BB Guns and Airsoft Guns, 12 Gram (Pack of 12)
  • CO2 quality is critically important to the health of your air gun; Ensure a lifetime of performance with this clean CO2 from Umarex.
  • Tested and proven clean; Doesn't dirty your air gun valves.
  • Number of rounds per capsule depends on the specific air gun.
  • Available in 12-gram cartridges or 88-gram cartridges.
  • Only available for purchase in certain zip codes

CO2 caliber is critically important for the health of your air rifle. With no clean, dependable Umarex CO2 electricity, air guns can break down. Valves clog. O-rings and seals deteriorate. While producers meet criteria of weight and size, they are not held to exacting criteria for cleanliness. The layouts of the seals in the top may fluctuate from 1 manufacturer to another, also, in case a neck seal is out-of-spec, it may harm a weapon’s puncture assembly. Make sure a life of functionality with sterile CO2 powerlets and cartridges. Umarex produces 88 gram CO2 cylinders, and 12 gram CO2 capsules, also. They’re all tested and proven tidy and fit most manufacturers of CO2 airguns.

#4, Daisy 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

Daisy Powerline Premium CO2 Cylinder 25 Count
  • Premium CO2 cylinders, 25 count
  • Exceptional quality for unmatched accuracy
  • Dependable gas source for your air gun shooting that will deliver consistent, reliable shots
  • Daisy quality and reliability

Daisy-branded 12 Gram CO2 cartridges are produced in Taiwan. They are offered in containers of 5, 15 and 25. As you can see, the packaging includes a card spacer to maintain the necks of these cartridges and stop them from moving around a lot in shipping.
The typical weight of this Daisy 12 Gram CO2 cartridges analyzed by HAM has been 41.065 Grams. The lightest was 40.312 grams and also the coveted 41.473 Grams.

With a mean bare weight of 29.330 Grams, the lightest Daisy cartridge weighed against HAM scaled 28.720 Grams. The heaviest weighed 29.502 Grams.

After taking one pair of weights in another, we are left with the quantity of CO2 that was contained in the Daisy 12 gram CO2 cartridges tested by HAM. Somewhat surprisingly, the Daisy 12 Gram CO2 cartridges analyzed by HAM contained a mean of 11.734 Grams of CO2. The smallest quantity of CO2 has been 11.410 Grams, although just 1 cartridge which we analyzed really contained over 12 grams. This has been 12.124 Grams

The version involving the largest and tiniest CO2 content has been good, but at only 2.8%.

Refillable 12g Co2 Cartridge for Airguns and Airsoft Guns


Can 12 gram co2 cartridges perish?

They continue pretty much indefinitely provided that they have not been ruined (e.g. punctured or rusted or something), so go right ahead and use them. If you truly wish to assess them, then you can purchase a couple new ones and weigh them on a scale (and compare the weights of these older cartridges into the brand new ones).

Just how many PSI is a 12 gram co2 cartridge?

Cartridges come in various sizes — 12g, 16g or 25g. The bigger ones are developed for filling tires around approximately 90 PSI. The bigger ones are developed for filling tires around 120+ PSI. This contrasts to reduce pressure tubes for example clinchers (typically 90-120PSI) and tubular’s (140-170 PSI) for example race brakes.

How many shots can you get out of a 12 gram co2 tank?

I will tell you one 12 gram CO2 cartridges may deliver as many as 30 shots for as many as 200 shots in the airgun. Let us discuss why there’s this kind of variation in the number of shots you can count on from a 12 gram CO2 canister? Below are a few aspects which can determine how much CO2 can be consumed while shooting at a CO2 Airgun.


There are numerous manufacturers of cartridges (or capsules) to pick from and without being able to see inside of every capsule, it’s not possible to know which brands or brand offer you the cleanest CO2 and therefore are of the best quality. Cartridges also come from several producers and states, all of which have different criteria for quality control. Each capsule must conform to the size, temperature, and weight threshold specifications, however, there are no regulations governing the cleanliness of their CO2 or the capsule, so it’s really hard to know which is your best without testing each one. However, we expect this guide can allow you to pick the best 12-gram co2 cartridges.

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