Top 3 Best Air Mouse Remote

Air mouse seemed relatively recently. Regardless of the title they just partly repeat the functions of a recognizable computer mouse and are in need among the proprietors of TV Boxes and networking centers.

By moving such a mouse in the atmosphere the cursor moves on the screen. It permits you to enjoy cellular games, internet surfing, and socializing on social networks onto a huge display whilst lying on the sofa.

The atmosphere mouse keyboard is a kind of remote control (many models seem like a miniature qwerty keyboard) that is comparable in its functions to your mouse.

So let’s get start with top 3 Best Air Mouse Remote.

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Top 3 Best Air Mouse Remote

1, SkyStream Air Mouse Remote

Air Mouse,MX3 Pro Backlit Mini Keyboard,Voice Remote Control,Mini Wireless Keyboard & IR Learning Air Mouse Remote,Best for Raspberry Pi 4 Android Smart Tv Box HTPC IPTV PC Pad Xbox
  • 【VOICE INPUT】Our air remote mouse built-in microphone which can chat with friends or input words via voice.Please note that the Voice Search Function doesn't works like Alexa Voice Remote, it can’t across app. Only works for the built-in voice input search box or apps.
  • 【4 in 1 Air Remote Mouse】2.4G Air mouse + Wireless Mini keyboard + 6-Axis Somatosensory+IR remote learning mouse.
  • 【IR LEARNING】The fly air mouse remote can programs up to 5 keys.Convenience to control all your devices in one, if you have any problem when using the IR learning function,please read the product description and welcome to ask us for help.
  • 【PLUG AND PLAY】 This mini wireless keyboard is connected by a stable powerful 2.4GHz RF technology, just plug USB receiver,the transmission distance can up to 10m/32ft (5m/16ft voice transmission distance).
  • 【WIDELY COMPATIBLE】Compatible with almost all android device( which have USB input): Android TV Box, Mini PC,Windows, HTPC and PCTV.(2xAAA battery not included)

Leading the way in the fundamental remote control atmosphere mouse category is your SkyStream Air Mouse Remote.

Perhaps I like the black and red color scheme, but that distance actually stands outside without looking gaudy, such as something Miley Cyrus will wear.

The remote itself is lightweight, as are most of those remotes I analyzed. It runs on two AAA batteries, which give it surprisingly long battery life. Volume buttons have been included and they operate as designed equally in Kodi and during the Android OS.

The distance can transition fairly easily from D-pad into air-mouse using the touch of a button. The air-mouse performance of this Remote+ is hands-down the best of almost any distant mouse I analyzed.

It also includes a”gamepad” style where it’s possible to hold the Playstation and utilize it like a game controller. This facet was a bit sketchy for me — not due to any failure of this Remote+, but more that Android was not actually made as a game-pad OS.

There are not a lot of games I am interested in that will utilize this attribute. Your mileage might vary, however.

The scope onto the controller is actually good. In reality, while I was typing this review (and pressing buttons, of course)I understood the Remote+ was controlling my TV box in another room.

One complaint I had is that the choice button (the large red circle underneath the D-Pad) took me a couple of minutes to get used to. With most of the additional air-mice I have examined, the choice button is in the center of this D-Pad, meaning you do not need to take your thumb off the mat to make your choice.

It is a Tiny quibble concerning the SkyStream Air Mouse Remote, I understand. Otherwise, this is a superb selection and also my favorite in the Remotes category.

2, Rikomagic MK705

Calvas Rikomagic RKM MK705 2.4GHz 3 in 1 Wireless Air Mouse QWERTY Keyboard IR Remote Combo With Rechargeable Battery for Smart TV HTPC
  • Rechargeable,Mini
  • Color:Black
  • System support:Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Mac OS,Linux,Windows 2000,Android
  • Interface:Wireless
  • Connection:Wireless

The Rikomagic MK705 is a good air mouse in the corporation. Packing in the typical air mouse technologies using a complete QWERTY keyboard.

A complete package of multimedia controls makes it effortless to control your pictures — everything from the comfort of your sofa.

There is even an IR learning role that allows you to map certain switches to all those of your other IR remotes, allowing you to utilize the Rikomagic MK705 to control numerous devices.

The Rikomagic MK705 utilizes 2.4GHz wireless connectivity using a USB dongle so that you’ll have tons of range with no line-of-sight limits of IR remotes.

3, Minix Neo A2 Lite

MINIX NEO A2 Lite Backlit, QWERTY Keyboard for Android and Six-Axis Gyroscope Remote. Sold Directly by MINIX Technology Limited.
  • Media-Friendly Gyroscopic Mouse. Easy to use remote for MINIX Media Hubs for Android.
  • Latest six-axis gyroscope Technology. Precision Navigation.
  • All buttons are backlit. Optimized Convenience.
  • Dedicated Multi-Media Playback Controls.
  • Operation range up to 10 meters. 2xAAA batteries required (not included).

The NEO A2 was created particularly for the Android platform and works particularly well with Android TV boxes. But since the two Amazon Fire and NVIDIA Shield work together with the Android program, it is compatible with a variety of TV boxes that are smart.

Like most of those other remotes on our listing, this one includes a computer keyboard on the back of the remote. However, it is a thinner design than most. We would suggest this as a good distant alternative if you’ve got smaller hands or do not mind typing to a bloated thumb keyboard.

Only under 5 inches long, it is not too brief, which could make it a lot easier to shed. Nonetheless, it is not too big to be more comfortable.

It uses gyros to provide ease of use in its own atmosphere mouse operate. It will get an extremely precise read of its place and place, which transmit into the receiving apparatus.

But, its own playback controls are compatible with a limited number of devices, so this remote is far not as universal as most. It is ideal when you’ve got a harmonious system but might be frustratingly limited should you not? Make sure you assess its compatibility with all the created, and also the version, of the system before you get.

Buying Guide

Since the selection of air mice is quite wide, you might require professional advice whilst selecting your perfect version. Here’s the list of things that you want to consider to choose the best air mouse for office and home usage.

Looking through the assortment of atmosphere mice intended for various devices, you will probably observe that their controls are not identical. This is the very first thing that should impact your pick.

For instance, the best air mouse to get an Android TV box includes a complete set of multimedia controls (play/pause/volume, etc.) and regular Android programs (home, rear ).

Most contemporary atmosphere mice fall into two connectivity categories — people connected through Bluetooth and through 2.4GHz port. Both choices adhere to wireless connectivity and also, therefore, are good enough, so select what looks better for you.

2.4GHz wireless boasts a bigger range in contrast to Bluetooth mouse. But they demand a different USB dongle, which means you eliminate a valuable USB port. In other words, they’re mostly aimed at the non-Bluetooth apparatus.

That is a significant factor, however, you should not pursue a larger array. Think of the area, where you’re going to use an air mouse remote control and pick the choice accordingly.

Should you utilize several air pollutants in various rooms, there’s absolutely no need to choose more extended ranges, since they might interfere with each other.

Battery Life
Nearly all air mice include rechargeable batteries. The best air mouse needs to serve you for several weeks or months without needing to change or charge the battery life.

You might feel disappointed since the battery life does not correspond to what you’ve experienced as soon as you get started using the mouse. The thing is that producers measure the battery lifetime in controlled surroundings and your home does not belong to the group.

Whilst choosing an air mouse, then elect for the versions with distinct power-saving features, e.g. sleep styles.

Extra Features
In addition to the must-have features, producers cram their products with added perks like Bluetooth, LED backlight, QWERTY keyboard, built-in microphone, and game controllers.

These features seem really interesting, but mind that they might significantly increase the cost, so think twice if you truly need them. Define your individual needs and what you’re planning to utilize an air mouse for.


Getting the best atmosphere mouse is vital. How that you use the remote control is the way you interact with your streaming apparatus.

The good thing is that there is no lack of controllers for you to pick.

It isn’t important if you use a computer mouse, a universal remote control, an air-mouse or perhaps the remote which came with your TV box. What’s that you find the ideal controller for you. One which you are comfortable with.

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