Top 4 Best Air Quality Monitor

The air inside your house may not be healthy, even when it smells clean. Some gases, such as radon and carbon dioxide, are colorless and odorless but may be harmful if inhaled. Most indoor air quality monitors will discover the degree of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the house, and lots of others are going to detect additional pollutants, including volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and airborne particulate matter. Still, others comprise humidity and temperature monitoring in addition. Today’s best air quality monitors set comprehensive discovery with usability features, such as WiFi capacity and remote monitoring. Ahead, visit our favorite selections among the several selections available now.

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Top 4 Best Air Quality Monitor

Bestseller No. 1
Introducing Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor – Know your air, Works with Alexa– A Certified for Humans Device
Introducing Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor – Know your air, Works with Alexa– A Certified for Humans Device
Certified for Humans – Smart home made easy for non-experts. Setup with Alexa is simple.
Bestseller No. 3
Airthings 2930 Wave Plus - Radon & Air Quality Monitor (CO2, VOC, Humidity, Temp, Pressure)
Airthings 2930 Wave Plus - Radon & Air Quality Monitor (CO2, VOC, Humidity, Temp, Pressure)
POLLEN LEVELS : Live and local pollen data right in your Airthings App
SaleBestseller No. 5
SAF Aranet4 Home: Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor for Home, Office or School [CO2, Temperature, Humidity and More] Portable, Battery Powered, E-Ink Screen, App for Configuration & Data History
SAF Aranet4 Home: Wireless Indoor Air Quality Monitor for Home, Office or School [CO2, Temperature, Humidity and More] Portable, Battery Powered, E-Ink Screen, App for Configuration & Data History
Visual and Sound Warnings when CO2 concentration gets too high; Uses non-dispersive infra-red sensor (NDIR) technology for most precise CO2 measurements
Bestseller No. 8
Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor - AQM8002A
Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor - AQM8002A
SMART ASSISTANT INTEGRATIONS - Seamlessly integrate Element with Alexa or Google Assistant

#1, AirThings Wave Plus

Airthings 2930 Wave Plus - Radon & Air Quality Monitor (CO2, VOC, Humidity, Temp, Pressure)
  • RELIABLE RADON RESULTS: As radon levels fluctuate daily, continuous long-term measuring is necessary. Airthings Wave Plus measures radon accurately and reliably
  • CLEAN AIR SENSORS: Radon, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), toxins and chemicals (Total VOCs), humidity, temperature and air pressure sensors allow you to gain full visibility into six key indoor air factors
  • EASY AND CLEAR RESULTS: Connect via Bluetooth to the Airthings App or log in to the Airthings Dashboard online for detailed insights into your air
  • POLLEN LEVELS : Live and local pollen data right in your Airthings App
  • EASY: Simply wave in front of the device to receive a color-coded visual indication of the overall air quality: Green (Good), Yellow (Fair), Red (Poor)

The AirThings Wave Plus is a round device which has six detectors to find for radon (a naturally occurring radioactive gas), VOCs (volatile organic chemicals which may be seen in everyday things such as cleaning products, paint, and furniture), CO2, humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure. Get the AirThings Dashboard to acquire an in-depth look at whatsoever the information, including historic reports and strategies for improving the air quality in your property.

Connect it to a smartphone using Bluetooth and then download the AirThings program to acquire thorough insights. In addition, it can connect to the AirThings Hub (sold individually ). Moreover, it’s possible to literally wave your hands in the front of the unit to observe that a color-coded visual reading of this air quality: green signifies good, yellow is reasonable, and crimson are bad.

Mount it on your wall as you would a thermostat; it functions with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control in addition to IFTTT for integrating it with other devices in the house to provide certain activities. You might, as an instance, possess a wise air conditioner turn on if the AirThings finds poor or fair air quality.

Operating on a set of AA batteries which last for approximately 16 months, it is only 16 cm in diameter and includes a 12-month guarantee. Bear in mind it is going to require about a week to adapt to your surroundings before it provides accurate readings.

  • Radon detection
  • Small, lightweight, and wall-mountable
  • Smart connectivity through program, voice assistants
  • Expensive
  • Have to replace batteries
  • Does Not report PM2.5 (particulate matter)

#2, IQAir Smart Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

IQAir [AirVisual Pro Air Quality Monitor] Monitor Indoor Air Quality [PM2.5, CO2, AQI, Temperature, Humidity] Real-Time Air Quality & Forecasting, Historic Data, IFTTT
  • Professional grade, highly accurate air quality monitoring system
  • Displays real-time indoor air quality readings plus temp & humidity
  • IFTTT (If This, Then That): Set your AirVisual Pro to act, based on certain parameters. For example, if your AirVisual Pro has a high CO2 reading, then you get an alert.
  • High precision laser technology for PM2.5 sensor, industrial grade CO2 sensor
  • Connects to Wifi: view your readings via mobile app or desktop. Unable to ship to PO Boxes.

This product is a professional-grade, exceptionally precise indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring method.

Additionally, it includes an industrial-grade carbon dioxide detector. It exhibits real-time outside air quality readings and indoor humidity & temp.

It’s possible to place your AirVisual Pro to behave, based on certain parameters. For instance, if your own AirVisual Pro has a top Carbon dioxide reading, you then receive an alarm. It functions using high accuracy laser technology for sensing particles of size 2.5 micrometers.

Take dimensions everywhere you go using the Pro’s internal battery and information storage. You may then download your info or get it via the AirVisual’s site dashboard for evaluation.

It’s possible to link your AirVisual Pro to your entire connected home devices. Get alerts about air quality fluctuations in your smartphone to take prompt action when air quality exceeds your criteria. Additionally, it provides health advice according to the information gathered.

  • Alarms & Smart house integration (IFTTT) features.
  • Has professional-grade detectors with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Provides outdoor air quality in addition to weather prediction.
  • Employs high precision laser technology for increased precision.
  • The web site user interface confronts problems from time to time.
  • The unit is proven to be somewhat delicate.
  • The detectors need maintenance over time (within a year).

#3, Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor - Sold Out - Working on New Generation of Foobot **
  • MAKE THE INVISIBLE VISIBLE: Foobot detects the harmful, invisible, and odorless pollutants inside your home, allowing you to visualize your overall air quality level through an LED color display.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE: Berkeley National Lab determined Foobot to be among the most reliable monitors for PM2.5 readings.
  • 6 DAYS CALIBRATION PERIOD: Foobot’s sensors need 6 days to “warm up” and to be fully accurate. So please leave the device powered and connected during the first 6 days.
  • BREATHE LESS POLLUTION: Works with IFTTT, Nest, Ecobee and more. Foobot syncs with 120+ connected devices. Set “triggers” via the app and Foobot will communicate with other smart devices to adjust the air purifier, heating, etc. based on real-time readings. *Additional devices not included
  • A POWERFUL TOOL FOR HVAC PROS to help clients solve their indoor air quality issues. Foobot backs up your decisions with real-time data and powerful before/after graphs using our dedicated cloud-based software.

The best thing about the air quality monitor is that it’s altogether compact and it may work with different devices with the assistance of Wi-Fi. It may connect with over 120 distinct IoT devices. This makes sure you will have the ability to control it without any problems in any way.

You could also use it to examine the air quality after installing the weather control systems. This makes sure that you’re ready to at all times track the air quality. It can detect particulate matter 2.5. Therefore, each and every step that you’ll need in order to track the air quality including humidity and temperature is provided via this monitor. You are able to easily get each of these readings by your smartphone or by means of the web-based dashboard. All in all, It’s Simple to Use and fairly versatile.

  • Readings could be assessed via the Site and cellular application
  • Can connect with over 120+ apparatus
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Steps pollutants, humidity, temperature
  • Compact layout
  • Wi-Fi connectivity Isn’t seamless

#4, Awair 2nd Edition

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor
  • See the invisible: Awair 2nd Edition tracks the 5 key factors of air quality: fine dust (Pm2.5), chemicals (VOCs), Co2, humidity, and temperature. These elements can impact your health and comfort in many ways, including Respiratory health, sleep, focus, mood, and immunity.
  • Gain actionable insights: receive real-time feedback and browse actionable tips to improve the health of your space in the free Awair app.
  • Awair Connect: with the Awair app, you can connect with other smart products to automatically keep your air clean and healthy. Awair works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Centralized control: control settings and manage multiple Awair devices from anywhere using your smartphone. Works with iPhone iOS (8 or later), Android (Jelly Bean 4.3 or later), requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Awair score is a color-coded scale

Awair 2nd Edition is a gorgeous piece of technology using a combination of vintage and contemporary design. It utilizes a laser-based particle detector for the high accuracy output signal. The gadget is currently available via the cell program. Additionally, it has an exceptional LED matrix screen to show the air quality index (AQI) as a dent along with other air quality variables in precisely the exact same moment. In the color light indicator, you can quickly determine your total air quality. It measures all of the essential important components to determine air quality. You’re able to set up any automation using a digital helper like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and much more.

With the exceptional retro-style design with higher accuracy, this is the smart air quality monitor. With a lot of automation chances, minimalistic screens, and sync with a mobile program ensure it is easy to use.

  • Applying layout
  • Laser-based PM2.5 detector
  • Accurate Outcomes
  • Beautiful screen
  • Easy installation
  • Automation with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and much more
  • The Cell program Requires some improvements
  • Expensive


Q. Is a handheld air quality monitor better than the usual static version?

A. A handheld monitor is simple to accept the go, which means that you may use it to track the air quality in your house, workplace, and your vehicle. It is also possible to choose it to the area in which you suspect a problem to distribute the source easily. Stationary models normally work best for consistent, non-urgent monitoring.

Q. How do I improve my home’s air quality should I notice undesirable pollutants?

A. Change or clean the filters in your home’s HVAC system to be certain they are cleaning the atmosphere as efficiently as you can. You might have to have your heating system examined for problems that enable possible toxins to escape. Vacuuming and dusting frequently may also help restrict particulates in the atmosphere.


Prior to investing in an air conditioner or taking any measure, you need to know your air quality original. Our sensory system can’t always detect the dreadful atmosphere. Invest in a good air quality monitor will help in the process of improving indoor air quality.