Top 4 Best Chai Latte Powder

Most people begin enjoying their chai latte until it hits their lips. It’s a supremely fragrant spiced tea that tantalizes all your senses if you count on the whistling of a teapot in the planning process.

Conventional chai latte is generally mixed with cream or milk and honey or sugar to get the ideal mix of sweet and salty in a somewhat caffeinated hot drink.

Powdered chai is preblended with sweeteners and powdered milk or non-dairy choices so that all you’ve got to do is add hot water and simmer for instant chai tea pleasure. So, what’s the best chai latte powder?

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Top 4 Best Chai Latte Powder

SaleBestseller No. 5
Big Train Mystic Chai, Spiced, Chai Tea Latte Mix, 2 Lb
Big Train Mystic Chai, Spiced, Chai Tea Latte Mix, 2 Lb
Scoop included; Can be made hot or iced; Sweet and spicy blend of black tea, clove, cardamom, anise, honey, and ginger
Bestseller No. 8
Caffe D'Vita Spiced Chai Tea Latte 1 lb. can (16 oz.)
Caffe D'Vita Spiced Chai Tea Latte 1 lb. can (16 oz.)
Premium Instant Spiced Chai Tea Latte; Can make Hot, Iced or Blended; No Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fat, Gluten Free

1, Chamba Chai Spiced Chai Latte

Chamba Chai Spiced Chai Latte Drink Mix, 64 Ounces
  • CLASSIC SPICED CHAI TEA: Chamba Spiced Chai is a deliciously sweet blend of black tea, honey, milk and spices. It can be made with water, milk or milk alternative. Enjoy hot, over ice or blended.
  • EASY TO PREPARE: From home kitchens to cafes, we make chai tea that's simple to make & even easier to enjoy. Try our powdered mixes hot or cold, with steamed milk or milk alternative or over ice!
  • CLASSIC CHAI FLAVOR: Our chai tea lattes contain clove, cardamom, cinnamon & ginger to give you the warm, spiced chai flavor you love. As earthy spices go, this combination is really quite heavenly.
  • MANY VARIETIES: Find a flavor for every frame of mind. With ready-to-drink, concentrated & powdered varieties, your chai tea is ready whenever you are & wherever—at home, at work, even on the go!
  • FLAVOR ADVENTURE: Take your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure! From our just-add-water chai, to our blended crème & coffee frappes, our beverage mixes are delicious & easy to make & enjoy.

For over 20 decades, Big encounter has revealed itself as a worldwide leader in specialty drink combination products to the foodservice business and consumers by building a top to bottom devotion to exceptional customer care. We are proud of our Produced in the USA heritage.

Major Train exports its products to over 55 countries including Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Chile, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, and others. The foodservice marketplace leader in Blended Ice Coffee and Chai drink blends, Big Train’s product portfolio now includes over 200 diverse goods, the most comprehensive in the industry. Major Train keeps moving forward, constantly in search of this upcoming revolutionary beverage That’s as yummy to drink as it is not difficult to create.

2, Pacific Chai Spice Chai Latte

Pacific Chai Latte Mix Canister - Spice Chai - 10 oz
  • Robust infusion of black tea, honey, cinnamon and cloves
  • Gluten free
  • No hydrogenated oil
  • Easy to prepare
  • Delicious hot, steamed, iced and frozen

Love a yummy combination for this Pacific Chai Spice Chai Latte 10-Oz. Powder. It is a combination of ginger, honey, honey, and cinnamon spices, together with dry milk and artificial and natural flavors. Drink Pacific chai latte in the morning to get a soothing, refreshing flavor that offers you a dose of caffeine.

It comes from the ground upwards in a cylinder container which may be recycled upon being drained. Mix it in with warm water onto a hot afternoon or warm water on chilly days. Drink ice or drink it is. This gluten-free chai latte can also be free of trans fat and hydrogenated oil. It’s kosher certified, also it does not have any cholesterol. You may drink this time of year. Add additional seasonings to produce your very own distinct taste. Each container holds 13 servings.

3, Big Train Mystic Chai, Spiced, Chai Tea Latte Mix, 2 Lb

Big Train Mystic Chai, Spiced 32 Ounce
  • Big Train Mystic Chai: Our Mystic Chai Mix is a refreshing blend of tea and exotic spices for a sweet, creamy chai tea latte that you can mix up instantly; Just add water
  • Blended Frappe: Big Train drink mixes bring the taste of delicious, coffeeshop-style frappes to your home or restaurant; Try our shaken iced teas, hot cocoa, vanilla chai tea, spiced chai tea, and more
  • Wherever Beverages are Served: Big Train Beverage mixes, blended frappes, and smoothie bases are ideal for use in home kitchens, office kitchens, cafés, coffeeshops, and restaurants
  • Blend, Pour, Serve: From our just-add-water chai, to our blended crème and coffee frappes, Big Train provides quick to prepare beverage solutions for home kitchens, coffee shops, and restaurants
  • Big Train: Create classic coffee based frappes, on trend chai tea’s, kid-friendly frappes, seasonal beverages and more with Big Train; From the decadent favorites to better for you options, all you need to do is blend, pour and enjoy

Curl up with a cup of chai and feel yourself unwind and unwind daily. This drink, great when served cold or hot, is a refreshing mix of tea and exotic spices. The thing includes six 2 lb. Cans of tasty Mystic Chai Spiced tea. Each can possess the power to produce 26 servings and every serving steps out to 8 fl. oz. At any time you get your chai tea, then you can create yourself a fast cup almost instantly with the assistance of this helpful scoop that’s included in every can. Per 8 fl. oz. Serving, there’s 65 milligrams of caffeine.

4, Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Powdered Mix

Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte Powdered Mix 10-Ounce Containers , Powdered Spiced Black Tea Latte Mix For Home Use, Café, Food Service - PACK OF 6
  • POWDERED CHAI MIX : Chai cravings don't stand a chance against these containers of powdered chai tea latte mix! Makes mug after mug of warming, spiced black tea that you can mix up in an instant. Just add water. Delicious & rejuvenating hot or iced.
  • CONVENIENT, CUSTOMIZABLE CHAI LATTE: Just add water and Voila! A delicious chai latte. Substitute water for milk or dairy substitute, mix in an extra scoop (or two!), maybe add some honey or sweetener. Satisfy your chai latte cravings however you see fit.
  • From home kitchens to cafés and restaurants, Oregon Chai makes delicious chai lattes simple to make and even easier to enjoy. Whether powdered or from concentrate, every package and every box of Oregon Chai delivers the finest chai flavor straight to you.
  • A CHAI FOR ANY OCCASION: We started out with Original Chai flavor but we didn't stop there (& neither should you!). Try all our Chai concentrates & powdered mixes: Original, Salted Caramel, Slightly Sweet, Sugar Free, Vanilla, & Spiced
  • A CHAI BEYOND COMPARISON: We've been serving delicious Oregon Chai for decades. Compare our drinks to tea from Tazo, David Rio, Pacific Chai, Chamba, Trader Joes, Maxwell House, Twinings, Chai Guy, General Foods, Chai Now, and Numi to taste the difference.

The Oregon Chai firm was inspired by a visit to the Himalayas and several cups of conventional, rich, and sweet spiced green tea.

A profound appreciation of this drink caused a 3-year dedication to perfecting what is currently called an Oregonian interpretation.

Essential Features:
Really creamy mix that appeals particularly to latte fans
Gentle, gentle spice mix with No overpowering flavors
A range of chai blend options are available

This is unquestionably the least alluring of the top 4 powdered chai combinations, which appeals to a very special sector. The greatest letdown, however, is the spices used are known as”natural flavorings” that is frequently a marketing disguise for significantly less than desired ingredients.

Best Chai Tea: Top 5 The Best Chai Tea You Can Buy


What’s a chai latte made from?

Chai lattes are normally made out of milk, water, and black tea with chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cloves, and star anise. Most chai tea bags will some variant of these spices in it as long as you buy that sort of tea, so you ought to be good. Occasionally chai tea bags may have extra flavors in it for example vanilla recorded.

Can chai lattes have caffeine in them?

There is a good deal of disagreement in the headphone world about wireless sound. Wireless Yes, chai lattes have caffeine in them since they are made out of black tea leaves.

How much sugar is in a chai tea latte?

Normally chai tea lattes from places like Starbucks are fairly sweet but if you make it home, you can adjust the quantity of sugar in the drink. If you’d like a gently sweetened tea afterward just use about 1-2 tsp honey, then adding more to taste. As an alternative, you may use another sweetener that fits into your daily diet than honey but fair warning, which will affect the flavor.

Are chai lattes dairy-free?

This chai tea latte recipe could be made dairy-free by using dairy-free milk for example
These can every affect the flavor a bit so that I usually try using the most neutral-tasting non-dairy milk. Depending on which milk you opt for, it might or might not froth nicely. Thus far, I’ve just analyzed frothing soy milk and it worked great using an immersion blender.

Are chai lattes vegetarian?

Chai tea lattes could be made vegan really readily. With this recipe, just use non-dairy milk (listed above) and instead of honey, then utilize a vegan sweetener like pure maple syrup

What’s a filthy chai tea latte?

A filthy chai tea latte is a traditional chai latte combined with an espresso shot to get an excess hit of caffeine along with the daring undertones of a fantastic java.


This chai is USDA certified organic and really packs a punch. This Indian-style tea supplies a rich, spicy, earthy taste which could be too much for people utilized to western-style mixes. But in case you’re looking for a chai that delivers a more authentic flavor, then this can be as good as it gets.

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