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The CO2 cartridge could be little but it’s certainly mighty. The thumb-sized device can provide a good reduction of gasoline in only a couple of seconds and become a severe life-saver in sticky conditions. After all, there are just a few things in the world which can single-handedly inflate a bicycle tire, carbonate fire and water a air rifle.

CO2 cartridges are kicking around for centuries and have been used in many different ways through history. In the 1920sthey have been utilized in old-school pop siphons to produce sweet seltzer. From the mid-1950sthey had been powering air guns, also in 1989, Genuine Innovations invented the very first CO2 inflator head to pump up flat bike tires.
Here, we have chosen the best CO2 cartridges which will deliver you petrol in a snap.

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Top 3 Best Co2 Cartridge

#1, Crosman CO2 Powerlet Cartridges

Crosman 12-Gram CO2 Powerlet Cartridges For Use With Air Rifles And Air Pistols
  • 12-GRAM CO2 POWERLETS - Compatible with most air rifles and air pistols
  • SNUG FIT, SOLID SEAL - For reliable and consistent performance
  • 40-COUNT BOX - Ideal for the air gun target sport enthusiast
  • MADE IN THE USA - With quality materials

Air rifles have suffered as a hobby since they are excellent for target practice and they’re a great deal of fun, also. Obviously, you can’t need to run out of ammo as you’re shooting goals. Luckily, Crosman’s box includes 40 different CO2 cartridges to help keep you firing daily. Produced in the usa, the cartridges are compatible with most air rifles and pistols and consume 12 g of carbon dioxide per day. Each includes a non-threaded seal, which means that you may just push or press them in rather than screwing. Furthermore, the cartridges promise a nice, comfortable fit and strong seal for consistent performance.

#2, Innovations Genuine 16 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges

Genuine Innovations G2153, Bicycle CO2 Cartridges, Threaded, 16g, Pack of 6
  • These threaded CO2 cartridges are compatible with all of our Genuine Innovations inflators.
  • Genuine Innovations CO2 is pure and clean - no additives and no oils that could gunk up your inflator head or your tire valve. Not all CO2 cartridges can claim the same.
  • 16 grams of our most popular size CO2 cartridge. Perfect for road tires and standard bike tires.
  • 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges, pack of 6
  • Weight: 54 grams each

if you’re looking for a few of the top cartridges for bike tires in the current market, the Innovations Genuine CO2 Cartridges may be a good option. This CO2 cartridge is a 16-gram threaded cartridge. It is available in a package that includes six cartridges, every weighing 54grams and constructed flawlessly using aluminum. It is possible to use the Innovations Genuine threaded CO2 cartridges for road, race, and tires that are standard. It’s created with superior materials and is of the maximum quality.

The CO2 filled in the cartridge is pure and contains no impurities or additives (oil) which may otherwise clog the valve stem or inflator. Its ribbon is 3/8″ and 24 threads per inch and needs to be paired with a threaded inflator. You may just use the cartridge to inflate your bike tire.

#3, RedRock Threaded CO2 Cartridges

15 Pack of 16 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges for All CO2 Bicycle Tire Inflators with Threaded Connection Quick Air Refill for Bike Tire Repairs - Cartridge for CO2 Pump, Road or MTB Bicycles
  • 15 pack 16 gram CO2 cartridge
  • 3/8" thread with 24 threads per inch
  • 16g CO2 for bicycle tire repair
  • Compatible with Genuine Innovations and all inflators or valves that accept 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges
  • Food Grade can be used with all 128 oz beer growlers that accept 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges

There’s nothing like adding your own homemade seltzer into some cocktail to give it a little extra pizzaz. Even better, if you create said seltzer in a vintage soda siphon. This old-school contraption asks a CO2 cartridge to impart that all-important fizz and RedRock offers only the correct type. This package includes 15 CO2 cartridges that every provides 16 grams of gasoline. They are made to satisfy food-grade criteria, meaning you get simply the purest kind of CO2 for carbonating your drinks. They take 3/8-inch ribbon with 24 threads per inch and may be dragged into any jar that matches. Bottoms up, gents.


CO2 cartridges are highly compacted cylinders of carbon dioxide. Since the liquid CO2 is released, it turns into a gas and leaves your cartridge ice cold.

This frost-all-over-the-cylinder type of chilly is thermodynamics in action: Changing in the liquid phase to a gas phase demands electricity. Since the CO2 is released into the atmosphere, it occupies the energy necessary to convert in the form of heat in the metallic cartridge casing, making the CO2 cartridge frigidly cold. In a nutshell, since the pressure inside the cartridge reduces, so does the heat.

Happily there are a couple solutions to fight CO2 cartridge frostbite when inflating your bike tires:

No. 1: Select a cupped CO2 tire inflator or inflator mind using a sheath made to protect your fingers.
Genuine Innovations’ hot Ultraflate CO2 inflator is a good instance of a cupped tire inflator that keeps your hands off the cartridge. Its reinforced glass nylon construction makes it durable and trustworthy. Besides, you can save a non-threaded 20 g CO2 cartridge in the cup till you’re prepared to utilize it!

No. 2: Utilize a controllable inflated head.
You’re more inclined to feel the (CO2) burn off if you can not control the flow of CO2. A few CO2 tire inflators have been”all in,” meaning as soon as you pierce the CO2 cartridge, the atmosphere is coming out whether you’re prepared or not. However, good bike CO2 inflators permit you to control the circulation of air.

Genuine Innovations really offers three distinct kinds of air flow control technologies: Push-to-inflate, twist-to-inflate and activate controlled (such as on the HammerHead CO2 inflator pictured on the right). Pick the choice that works best for you!

By simply selecting the proper CO2 tire inflator, you shouldn’t ever need to worry about freezing your palms or fingers when airing your bicycle tires.


What are co2 cartridges used for?

CO2 cartridges have been around for quite a while and are employed in many different programs, from airsoft pistols into dragster automobiles to carbonating soda. Nevertheless, it was only in 1989, when Genuine Innovations invented the very first CO2 inflator mind, that CO2 cartridges had the ability to be utilized to inflate bicycle tires that were flat.

Are co2 cartridges dangerous?

CO2 cartridges quickly fill the air, nail and paintball guns, horizontal bike tires, and soda manufacturers. They’re convenient, however, abuse or improper storage may render them unsafe. Airlines prohibit CO2 cartridges unless connected with life coats or mechanical limbs, to board because of their unpredictability.

How long does a co2 cartridge last?

Once penetrated on the initial pull, then the CO2 cartridge will continue 24 hours or 21 shots.


Nowadays, the cartridges come in an assortment of forms and you’ll be able to select the one which best suits the task at hand. The most significant thing to consider is whether you want a threaded or non-threaded variant as each provides its own pros and cons. I hope this Guide Can Help You Opt for the best Co2 cartridges

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