Top 3 Best Essiac Tea

Essiac tea is a herbal tea that has gained widespread recognition among natural health enthusiasts in the last several decades.
Proponents assert it may kill cancer cells, stimulate resistance, and help detoxification.
But, others consider it a suspicious cancer treatment, noting that evidence to support its usage is insufficient.
This article looks at the best Essiac tea review and points out Essiac tea’s benefits and harms

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Top 3 Best Essiac Tea

Bestseller No. 1
Essiac Tea 1350 mg 180 Veggie Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free)
Essiac Tea 1350 mg 180 Veggie Caps (Vegetarian, Non-GMO & Gluten-Free)
General Wellness Support *; Advanced and superior Essiac Tea Supplement using high-quality sourcing and innovation
SaleBestseller No. 2
Starwest Botanicals Organic Essiac Tea, 1 Pound
Starwest Botanicals Organic Essiac Tea, 1 Pound
Origin: United States; Certified Organic by QAI - In accordance with the USDA National Organic Program Guidelines

#1, Essiac Tea by Herbal Balance For Life

Essiac Tea Softgels, 711 mg, 120 Soft Gels, Eight Herb Essiac, All Natural, Organic Caramel Color, No Brewing or Refrigeration, Great for Travel, 30 Day Supply
  • 4 extra herbs added to make this formula more effective than the 4 herb formula at a better price.
  • We are the manufacturer buy directly from us and get the freshest, highest quality product. All the benefits of the brewed version of Essiac Tea in an easy to swallow soft gel

4 additional herbs added to create this formula more powerful than the 4 herb formula.
Essiac Tea by Herbal Balance For Life Provides an updated eight-herb tea formulation in a proprietary formulation perfected by Rene Caisse RN and Charles Brusch MD.. Herbal Balance For Life, Inc. urges this Essiac tea formulation ought to be taken as part of your routine daily supplement routine. Require Essiac as part of your everyday regimen to keep your body healthy.

This Essiac tea may build the immune system. A powerful immune system helps keep your body healthy.
Essiac was proven to decrease acid levels in the body.

#2, Zazzee Essiac Tea

Zazzee Essiac Tea, 180 Vegan Capsules, 500 mg per Capsule, Potent 4:1 Extract, Vegan, Non-GMO and All-Natural, Rene Caisse's Original Formula‎
  • CLASSIC ESSIAC TEA - ONLY BETTER! Our Essiactive Tea Capsules start with the same classic blend of herbs used for years in the traditional Native American herbal formula for Essiac Tea. We then improve upon this recipe by using 4:1 extracts for 4X the potency and 4X the value, by using only organic stabilizers, and by making a product that is 100% vegan. The result is a product that provides an enhanced, extra strength form of Essiac Tea like no other!
  • 4X CONCENTRATED EXTRACT FOR STRONGEST ESSIAC AVAILABLE: Our Essiactive Tea Capsules are made from herbs that are 4:1 extracts. This means that the herb itself has been concentrated, so that 4 grams of the original herb are concentrated into a single gram. By using 4:1 extracts, we have created a powerful supplement that is 4X stronger than any other Essiac Tea capsules. This concentrated formula means that a single Essiactive Tea Capsule is equivalent to four capsules of other products.
  • SUPER VALUE: Each bottle contains 180 veggie capsules, and each capsule is 500 mg. Because Essiactive Tea Capsules are made from 4:1 extracts, this is like getting 720 capsules of "regular" Essiac tea capsules in every bottle!
  • 100% VEGETARIAN AND NO CHEMICAL FILLERS: Our Essiactive Tea Capsules are derived from all-natural, vegan, non-GMO sources. While other competing products use various chemicals as fillers, binders, and excipients, our Essiactive Tea Capsules instead uses a unique blend of certified organic ingredients. One of these ingredients, Organic Acacia Powder, provides the added benefit of being a prebiotic, which feeds and encourages the growth of healthy probiotics.
  • GOLD STANDARD PRODUCTION: Your health and safety mean everything to us. For that reason, our Essiactive Tea Capsules are manufactured in the USA, in a fully compliant facility with adherence to good manufacturing policies and under the most stringent quality control. You can rest assured that you get the best value for your money!

Essiactive Tea Capsules starts with exactly the exact same classic mix of herbs used for decades in the traditional Native American herbal formula for Essiac Tea. Zazzee Essiac Tea subsequently is improved on this recipe using 4:1 extracts to 4X the effectiveness and 4X the worth, using only organic stabilizers, also by making a product that’s 100% vegetarian. The outcome is a product which provides a much enhanced, additional strength kind of Essiac Tea like no other!

Each bottle contains 180 veggie capsules, and every capsule is 500 mg. Since Essiactive Tea Capsules is produced from 4:1 extracts, it is similar to getting 720 capsules of”regular” Essiac tea capsules in each jar!

All ingredients, including the capsules, are 100% vegan. This Essiactive Capsules does not contain any additives, artificial flavors, corn, wheat, soy, soy, milk, fish, poultry, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients. Enjoy the benefits of a high-quality product without undesirable fillers or not as powerful ingredients

#3, Organa Essiac Tea

Organa All Natural Essiac Tea - Pure Essiac Liquid Herbal Supplement - Organic and WildCrafted Herbs
  • ✅ FIGHT STRESS & SLEEP BETTER: Rich in VITAMINS, MINERALS and ANTI-OXIDANTS, the herbal tea purifies the body from harmful toxins build-up, helping you deal with the high stress levels of modern lifestyle. Enjoy the feeling of generalized wellness and fight anxiety, immersing in a better quality night sleep that is beneficial for the proper function of body and brain.
  • ✅ =>BUY 2 FOR $47 DOLLARS: Type in ATXKHQKP to the Promotion Code @ Checkout=<
  • ✅ A POTENT ORGANIC FORMULA: Made up of five botanicals including sheep sorrel, burdock root, the inner bark of the slippery elm, indian rhubarb and cat's claw bark, it makes an original herbal tea remedy targeting all vital organs protection. No preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors are contained, only pure natural ingredients for a healthier lifestyle!
  • ✅ PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Steer clear of health supplements with an uncertain manufacture origin, which could put your health at risk! Manufactured in the USA, in certified GMP facilities and submitted to the most rigorous testing, our Essiac Tea makes an absolutely safe herbal remedy for yours and your loved one's daily needs.
  • ✅ 30 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our Essiac Tea Tonic and we know you will be thrilled with its potent results! This is why we are backing it with Full Refund Policy, to help you place your order with confidence. If you are not 100% happy with it, just contact us and we will return your money in full-NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Rich in VITAMINS, MINERALS AND ANTI-OXIDANTS, the herbal tea protects the body from damaging toxins build-up, helping you manage the high pressure levels of contemporary way of life. Love the feeling of generalized wellness and combat nervousness, immersing in a much better quality nighttime sleep that’s good for the proper purpose of the body and brain.

Composed of five botanicals including sheep sorrel, burdock root, the inner bark of the slippery elm, Indian rhubarb and cat’s claw bark, this creates an original herbal tea treatment targeting all very important organs protection. ORGANA ESSIAC TEA is No additives, artificial coloring or flavors are contained, just pure organic ingredients for a healthy lifestyle!

What’s Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea is a favorite herbal tea known for its supposed anti-inflammatory properties.
In the 1920s, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse promoted Essiac tea as a natural cancer therapy, claiming that it had been given to her with a patient that originally obtained it in the Ontario Ojibwa medicine man.

Although the tea remains supposedly a Native American all-natural remedy, proof to back this claim up is constrained.
Essiac tea is a combination of distinct herbs, including burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and Indian rhubarb.
In addition to the supposed anticancer properties, Essiac tea is also Thought to enhance detoxification, improve immune function and reduce inflammation

The tea is generally sold in powder form, however, capsule and tea tote varieties are also offered.
Traditionally, it is made by combining two oz (57 ml) of concentrated tea with exactly the identical quantity of heated spring water.
Producers of this product advocate drinking 1–12 fluid oz (30–360 ml) every day for best results

Essiac Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Essiac Tea Benefits
According to a few companies who market the tea along with other fans, the advantages of Essiac tea include cancer therapy and prevention, HIV and AIDS therapy, immune system support, and diabetes treatment. Consumers that aren’t battling illness may use the tea as a detoxifying elixir or as a general health tonic. These claims, however, aren’t encouraged by peer-reviewed, printed literature.

In the 1970s, investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (with the collaboration of Caisse) started research on mice to attempt and confirm Essiac tea health claims. Sadly, the findings were not published and queries were raised regarding the study methodology. Caisse afterward refused to provide the original formula to investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering or into the U.S. National Cancer Institute, making potential investigations hard.

Afterward, human studies were tried in Canada, however, these investigations have been halted by the Canadian government as a result of concerns over poor research design and formula.
According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, there’s”no controlled data available from individual studies to indicate that Essiac or Flor-Essence may be effective in treating patients with cancer” It notes”some evidence indicates that Flor-Essence might increase tumor formation in an animal model of prostate cancer”

Regardless of the dearth of scientific proof and warnings from several health bureaus, Essiac tea remains exceptionally popular and widely available for sale.

Essiac Tea Side Effects
While there’s hardly any proof to support Essiac tea advantages, there’s some evidence regarding unwanted side effects. Drinking this herbal medicine or comparable Flor-Essence can cause increased bowel movements, frequent urination, swollen glands, skin flaws, flu-like symptoms, or minor headaches.

Other resources say concern within the tannins present in burdock, sorrel, rhubarb, and slippery elm. Consumers can experience stomach problems if the tea is consumed in large doses as well as the tannins can cause liver or kidney damage. Pros add that long-term utilization of tanning might increase the chance of head and neck cancers, though there are no recorded human cases.

Burdock can increase or decrease glucose levels, which might be detrimental to Essiac tea drinkers who have diabetes or hypoglycemia. And lactic acid (in rhubarb, slippery elm, and sorrel) can lead to nausea, vomiting, mouth/throat burning, dangerously low blood pressure, blood electrolyte imbalances, seizure, throat swelling which interferes with breathing, and kidney or liver impairment when consumed in massive doses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Essiac Tea

What’s essiac tea good for?

Essiac tea contains antioxidant, immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory capacities. Arguably, essiac tea is most famous for its possible anticancer effects, but most contemporary medicinal practitioners are reluctant to tag this drink as a” cancer treatment “

How can you drink essiac tea?

Ideally, essiac tea has to be consumed on an empty belly.39 Drink essiac tea during daytime, or at least 2 hours following a meal. People are able to drink essiac tea in the morning, also, provided they do so before eating, also avoid consuming anything twice following.40

Where do you purchase essiac tea?

You can buy essiac tea combinations in health shops in your region, or from wellness sites. Please be certain you’re buying essiac tea by an extremely reputable source so that you can reap the potential benefits this drink has to offer you.


Essiac tea is made of a mix of herbs with possible health advantages, although only its supposed anti-cancer effects are analyzed — with conflicting outcomes.
In actuality, the tea was shown to stimulate breast cancer development in test-tube and animal research. Furthermore, it can cause unpleasant side effects.
Thus, it’s best to consult with your physician prior to consuming Essiac tea, particularly if you’re taking any medications, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have underlying medical conditions.

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