Top 3 Best Korean False Eyelashes

Even though it’s extremely hard for beauty editors to perform favorites, we have to acknowledge that mascara is among the most hallowed of all of the cosmetics products that live on our busy dressing table. But alas, even mascara has got its own limitations. When we actually desire that”your lashes but better” appearance we achieve for false lashes. They provide a much-needed definition with no telltale clumps and flakes. The outcome is completely believable, providing your normal pair of lashes with a subtle increase that awakens and emboldens your eyes. That is only if you are using the ideal pair of falsies, naturally… But do not worry, we have got you covered.

Read our review for the best Korean False Eyelashes and pick the most suitable one.

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Top 3 Best Korean False Eyelashes

#1 – Dolly Wink Koji False Eyelashes

Dolly Wink Koji False Eyelashes #9 Natural Dolly
  • False eyelash
  • Size:2 pairs
  • Easy to use
  • It can be used repeatedly

Desire lashes that look natural in your little or hooded Asian eyes? #9 Organic Dolly style false lashes by Dolly Wink will be your best option. These false lashes are designed to be a bit more extended to make your eyes look wider and more spacious. They also contain long lash strands which include length to your lashes. Each pack contains two pairs of false lashes made from good-quality feathery-soft fiber that’s simple to use and could be worn on several occasions.

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Natural-looking
  • Includes two pairs of falsies
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can be reused
  • Adds span for your natural lashes
  • Slightly Pricey
  • The lashes could possess irregular gaps between these.

#2 – Doe Lashes

"Crazy in Love" Ultra-Fine Korean Silk Handmade Reusable False Eyelashes Extensions
  • Channel your inner Yoncé with these lashes. They combine a natural lash formation with a perfect amount of glam, giving your eyes boldness and confidence.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our lashes are 100% manufactured by hand using sustainably-sourced, ultra-fine Korean silk. FDA and ISO 9001:2015 safety & quality certified.
  • REUSABLE - Wearable up to 15 times with proper care and storage.
  • COMFORTABLE - Our lashes feature an non-irritant organic cotton band that is specifically designed to be lightweight and and comfortable
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are a US-based company and stand behind all of our products. The quality of our lashes are 100% guaranteed. If our product exhibits any defects in workmanship or materials, we will replace it free of charge.

Every pair of Doe Lashes is hand-crafted, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, also produced from superior silk fiber in Korea. The rings are durable yet flexible and lightweight, and the designs — made in California — were all created to bring the natural beauty of the eyes.

Doe Lashes aris a popular option amongst many Asian beauty professionals, and in their site as well as Instagram, it is possible to see exactly what their lash designs look like on real Asian ladies, so there is no guessing involved. Their high-quality products also have the seal of approval from THE Michelle Phan.

They also market a layout aptly called”UWU Lashes,” and yes, it is equally as cute as it seems.

#3 – KISS Looks So Organic Shy Lashes

KISS i Envy 3D Collection Eyelashes Multiangle & Volume (KPEIM101)
  • The largest 3D lash collection selection including the most trendy and exclusive lash style
  • Multi-angle and ultra-volume effect
  • 3 pairs value packs are also available (best selling styles)
  • 1 PACK

KISS Looks So Organic Shy Lashes is created with an innovative technology that produces tapered ends. Kiss’s Shy lashes mix seamlessly with organic lashes. Significantly lighter in weight compared to conventional lashes, the wearer could hardly feel them on. These feathery, soft lashes can be found in a variety of styles, from natural to dramatic appearances.

The multipack collection provides the fashionista an excellent price and can be offered in the most well-known styles! Top-quality, lightweight lashes have been made with Tapered End Technology therefore lashes combine seamlessly by yourself. The kit includes an Easy-Angle applicator, which makes use simple.

• Includes 5 pairs of lashes
• Tapered finish tetechnologiesr>• Lightweight & Tasty
• Contact lenses friendly
• America’s Lash Pros

  • Slightly Pricey
  • The lashes could possess irregular gaps between these.

    The Way to apply Kiss Premium Eyelashes:

    1. If necessary, trim lash to satisfy your eyes.

    2. Employ brute strip lash glue to lash group; wait for 30 seconds for adhesive to become somewhat tacky.

    3. Using the applicator, use lashes as a natural lash line. Hold allowing the glue to dry thoroughly.

    The Way to Eliminate Cracked Premium Eyelashes:

    1. Gently peel the ash strip, starting in the outer corner.

    2. Use oil-based eye makeup remover to remove excess glue from the lash group and eyelid.

    3. Lay lashes back on the tray for potential usage.

    Best Korean False Eyelashes

    Korean False Eyelashes
    Korean False Eyelashes

    What are typical eye contours in Asian?

    There are 3 common Kinds of Asian eye contours:

    Mono Eyelid: You can readily find this kind of eye in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Single eyelids are lashes don’t have any eyelids and the eyes are rather small and long.

    Low heeled crease: This kind of eye has a very thin, small, and unclear buff line. At times it will manifest as twice eyelids but occasionally not.

    Double eyelid crease: Dual eyelids are lashed have clearly defined lines, creating large and sparkling eyes. Additionally, this is the most popular eye contour in Asia. Many women decide to undergo surgeries to make this kind of eye.

    Different types Of False Lashes

    Strip Lashes

    If you’re a beginner, strip lashes would be the best and simplest alternative. These strip-type false lashes have elastic bands that are fastened to an upper lash line. Some manufacturers have black rings that include some definition to your own lashes while some have invisible bands which include a natural-looking look.

    Individual Flare Lashes

    Individual flare lashes are clusters of lash strands that are joined together at one end. You may use them to fill in thin regions or to add more length to your lashes. They also appear more natural than strip lashes.

    Eyelash Extensions

    Eyelash extensions can only be implemented by a professional, unlike the other two types. These lashes are put on the lash line and then fastened using a semi-permanent adhesive.

    Have a look at the following section for a few more things that you will need to consider while buying false eyelashes.

    The way to select to right eyelashes

    Here Are a Few Tips and tricks that help you to buy readily the best false lashes:

    Focus on the duration: You want to select false lashes whose span is equal to the period of the eyes or slightly longer in the outer borders. Eyelashes with comparable span can help your eyes seem more realistic and natural. Meanwhile, longer lashes make your eyes seem a lot deeper and stretch.

    Look closely at curvature: A C-curl seems fantastic and suitable on Asian eyes. Thus, let us select the false lashes with a medium curvature so it is a lot easier to combine with your real lashes.

    Look closely at the shape:  Please stays far from overwhelming lashes since it won’t suit Asian people in any way. Too thick and thick lashes with long, curled lashes will merely flutter your eyes.

    Look closely at substances: Synthetics like plastic fibers or individual hair is a favorite material to make fake eyelashes. But, regardless of which kind of material you select, choose one that seems friendly and natural if the skin is sensitive.

    The way to apply false lashes for beginners?

    I completely agree that wearing fake lashes is very tough and time-consuming. However, I tried and succeeded, so why are you? Let us do it step by step in the following sequence and exercise it several times. I promise you’ll master it like me.

    Examine the duration of the lash: Place the briefer part to the inner corner and also the lashes on the outer corner. You need to be certain it isn’t too long.

    Reduce the eyelash: When it matches your own eyes, that is too good, you can skip this step. However, otherwise, use small scissors to cutback.

    Use the adhesive: Spread a thin coating of adhesive, concentrate on the center, and finish of their lashes. After that, wait for 15-20 seconds to wash just a bit. Your lashes can’t stick well if it’s too wet.

    Wear the lashes: Keep your eyes in the mirror instead of looking directly, using your palms or tweezers to attach the lashes into the middle of the eye. Then, secure the top and bottom to fasten. Be certain it adheres to your skin, not your lash underneath.

    Apply mascara: Apply mascara equally onto both layers of lashes.

    Best Lashes For Asian Eyes

    Use eyeliner: You are able to use eyeliner to draw a thin line which hid the foundation of your falsies. Start from the inner corner towards the conclusion of the eyes. In the event you want a more dramatic look, it is possible to draw a wing.

    Tip: Caring for Your False Eyelashes

    STEP 1: REMOVE THE ADHESIVE –“softly” pull out the paste sticking in the lashes. It will remain tacky and pliable so that it ought to be simple to peel off. When it balls out in smaller bits it is possible to use a tweezer to pull on.

    STEP 2: REMOVE MASCARA FROM LASHES — at this point, your lash group should appear fresh and almost like when you bought them. Using a Q-tip [cotton buds] which was gently dabbed on an eye makeup remover or baby oil, lightly run it on the lashes in an external motion from the ring. Tp ensure cleanliness, put the eyelash above a tissue such a way it will help absorb the lashes as you wash off it lashes.

    STEP 3: STORAGE — I like to keep the situation it originally came with so I can keep it back after using it.

    Best Korean False Eyelashes in Youtube

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    Q#1: Why do false lashes hurt your real lashes?

    Damage to Your Normal Lashes
    Wearing fake lashes can also cause temporary or permanent reduction of your eyelashes. Taking the lashes off may lead to the breakage of your actual ones and harm the hair follicle. When that occurs, your lashes might never grow back again.

    Q#2: Do lashes make you look skinnier?
    The Big eyes are an appealing quality for girls since they depict femininity, and so, fertility. Long lashes can enhance your eyes and bring your most desired traits and so, they are a sign of femininity and young beauty.

    Q#3: Would you sleep soundly in imitation lashes?
    When it will not be devastating, false lashes sleep is not advised. According to a lot of specialists, sleeping in falsies can result in a number of problems in the future. Among the main reasons why sleeping in your falsies isn’t a good thought is a result of the burden on the normal lash.

    Q#4: How Can I shout with lash extensions?
    It’s crucial to avoid crying in addition to moisture during the treatment period, but the moment that period (12 to 24 hours) is finished, cry all you need. Lash extensions are water-resistant. It’s essential to not shout during the process as crying might disperse the glue/vapors causing aggravation.

    Q#5: How long can false lashes continue?

    Depending upon the lash, you’ll have the ability to reward your falsies involving 5-25 times generally. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions normally last 2-3 weeks depending upon the individual and also just how quickly your lashes grow.

    Q#6: Why do women want long eyelashes?

    And, lashes framework a lady’s eyes. They can protect your eyes from wind and flying items big and small, however, a girl puts more focus on what they do to create her eyes — and her — much more appealing. That is why every girl wants complete, long lashes to frame her eyes

    Q#7: What are fictitious lashes created out of?

    False lashes are created from a unique plastic fiber known as polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), which can be heated and molded into the desired shapes.


    Through extensive research, we have managed to collect as much information as you can to create your decision-making process simple. This listing of the Top 3 Best Korean false lashes can allow you to shop about without wasting money on inferior quality products which will decrease your self-esteem if you wear them.

    How can you know that lashes will serve your workplace and celebration requirements? Occasionally you want to go to intense amounts so that you require outstanding false lashes that can’t be worn in your workplace. This manual has everything you want to know to produce a superb choice when buying false eyelashes.

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