Top 6 Best Lactic Acid Lotion

In case you’re looking for the best lactic acid lotion, you are in right place!

When you hear the words “lactic acid,” you might think of that stuff your body produces during exercise. But lactic acid is also a skin-care ingredient that can deliver some seriously impressive benefits for your complexion. In this article, I will help you find the ideal lactic acid lotion for your requirements and price range!

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Top 6 Best Lactic Acid Lotion

#1, AmLactin Rapid Relief Restoring Lotion + Ceramides

AmLactin Rapid Relief Restoring Body Lotion With Ceramides, Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin - 7.9 Oz Pump Bottle (packaging may vary)
  • One 7.9 oz bottle of AmLactin Rapid Relief Restoring Body Lotion with Ceramides
  • Hydrating moisturizing lotion delivers 24-hour relief from dryness, for an easy to use dry skin and keratosis pilaris treatment
  • Hydrating lotion for dry skin formulated with 15 percent lactic acid plus three ceramides for a hydrating moisturizer that boosts skin’s natural renewal through gentle exfoliation
  • Rough and bumpy skin lotion is also a gentle exfoliant ideal for locking in moisture and relieving dry skin
  • Add this AmLactin lotion bottle from the Number 1 Dermatologist Recommended Moisturizer Brand with Lactic Acid to your skin care products

AmLactin is #1 choice to get a lactic acid lotion which helps with rough & bumpy skin.
With key ingredients are Lactic Acid (ULTRAPLEX Formula) and Ceramides, This product is best for rough, flaky, dry skin, Keratosis Pilaris, and Eczema

#2, Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment Face Serum
  • Multi-tasking, targeted lactic acid treatment rapidly exfoliates and boosts naturally youthful radiance, while visibly reducing the look of lines, wrinkles and dark spots.
  • High potency, purified grade lactic acid exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells, to instantly clarify and reveal smoother, clearer skin.
  • Together with skin brightening licorice, this super-concentrated treatment visually reduces the look of dark spots and discoloration caused by exposure to the sun, for naturally brighter, even-toned skin.
  • Clinically tested and proven to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles in just 3 minutes; and dark spots in 8 weeks.
  • Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Phthalate-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan.

Pricey, yes. However, this highly effective anti-aging serum is well worth every cent, according to several specialists we polled. “This product has great ingredients,” says Dr. Jaliman. “It is great for brightening skin and diminishing hyperpigmentation.” She enjoys the formulation contains 5% lactic acid into plump, licorice infusion to diminish the look of black spots, and aloe vera to no redness. Still another skin superhero? Lemongrass, that”contains anti-septic properties,” Dr. Jaliman notes,”perfect for getting glowing skin” Dr. Akhavan enjoys this serum, also, telling us it may result in noticeable improvements in your complexion.

#3, CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin | Vitamin D, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid & Salicylic Acid Lotion | Fragrance Free & Allergy Tested | 8 Ounce
  • [ CERAVE MOISTURIZING LOTION WITH SALICYLIC ACID ] Body moisturizer that gently exfoliates dry, scaly, or rough and bumpy skin on legs and upper arms. Lightweight, non-greasy feel that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • [ EXFOLIATE & MOISTURIZE ] Salicylic Acid & Lactic Acid to help exfoliate, Hyaluronic Acid to help retain skin's moisture, and Niacinamide to help calm skin. SA is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), an exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and smooths skin.
  • [ 3 ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. All CeraVe products are formulated with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier
  • [ DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED ] CeraVe Skincare is developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more.
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Suitable for body. Fragrance free, allergy-tested, and non-comedogenic. Can be paired with CeraVe Renewing Salicylic Acid Cleanser for Rough and Bumpy Skin to cleanse & exfoliate.

Developed with dermatologistsskin smoothing CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion has a distinctive lightweight formula that exfoliates and soothes while helping restore the protective skin barrier. Salicylic acid exfoliates and soothes to smooth rough skin, lactic acid exfoliates to revive skin’s surface and also three fundamental ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) assist to renew the protective skin barrier.

CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin
CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

#4, natrx LACT10 10% Lactic Acid Moisturizer

This product contains an AHA which might increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, and also the potential for sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product. Prevent contact with eyes and eye area. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.

Ingredients : Water, Lactic Acid, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerin*, Rose hip oil, Sodium Lactate, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone, Sodium Hydroxide, Gluconodeltalactone, Sclerotium Gum, Tea Tree Oil*, Allantoin. * Organic. Produced in the USA.

Directions :
1. Employ a fingertip amout towards the top of your wrist, then leave it around 12 hours. If no substantial adverse reaction occurs, use as directed.
2. Gently massage into dry, clean skin. If annoying peeling occurs, stop use until it subsides, then restrict application to once every other day. Use sunscreen when going outside in sunlight.

#5, AmLactin 12% Moisturizing Lotion

AmLactin 12 % Moisturizing Lotion - 567 g / 20 oz
  • The #1 moisturizer brand recommended by dermatologists for rough, dry skin
  • 12% Lactic Acid
  • Relieves Rough, dry skin
  • Gently exfoliates, intensely hydrates, long lasting
  • Amlactin new look

Bring your dry skin back to standard using AmLactin alpha-hydroxy treatment. This distinctive formula with clinically proven 12% lactic acid is pH-balanced for your own skin and gently promotes natural skin cell renewal through hydration, creating the smooth, smooth texture you will love. AmLactin works deep within the skin also provides long-lasting moisture retention for actual relaxation. What a relief.

  • Contains 12% Lactic acid
  • This product helps repair skin problems
  • Has a burning sensation on the first couple of attempts

#6, Eucerin Advanced Repair Body Lotion

Eucerin Advanced Repair Body Lotion, Unscented Body Lotion for Dry Skin, 16.9 Fl Oz Pump Bottle
  • 48 Hour Moisture: This Eucerin fragrance free body lotion repairs very dry skin and fights dryness at its source by providing 48 hour moisture
  • Convenient Pump Bottle: Body lotion pump bottle makes storage easy, and makes it simple to pump and apply anytime
  • Prevents Dryness: This Eucerin lotion for very dry skin is enriched with Ceramide-3 and Natural Moisturizing Factors to boost moisture and help prevent dryness
  • Free Of: Eucerin Advanced Repair lotion is a paraben free body lotion, and is fragrance free, dye free, and is also lightweight, fast-absorbing and non-greasy
  • Includes one (1) 16.9 fluid ounce bottle of Eucerin Advanced Repair Unscented Body Lotion

In case you are on a budget, then I highly suggest Eucerin Advanced Repair Body Lotion. It is cheap, however tackles rough skin and provides intense moisture. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but if you’re looking for a lactic acid lotion to whiten skin, give it a try. I’m blown away in the efficacy of this kind of inexpensive lotion. My skin is now clear and smooth without the high cost of a designer lotion.

  • Really budget friendly
  • Fragrance-free
  • Tales of this inconsistency of product

What’s Lactic Acid and How Does This Work?

Lactic acid is a sort of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Lactic acid occurs naturally in milk, different kinds of fruit, and in the human body. In case you’ve ever experienced sore muscles while working out, you’ve got lactic acid to attribute.

However, the lactic acid used in skin care is generally generated when lactobacillales, or lactic acid compounds, are introduced into a type of carbohydrate. The germs cause fermentation, and also the end result of the fermented carbohydrate is lactic acid.

When lactic acid remains solid and dry, it’s white, but after it’s dissolved in water, then it seems clear and invisible. Unlike salicylic acid, lactic acid in addition to lactic acid don’t dissolve in oil — that they just dissolve in ethanol and water. Much like other kinds of AHA, lactic acid works by melting the naturally-occurring oils that connect dead skin cells into one another. Since the lactic acid penetrates the top layers of the stratum corneum (the very top layer of skin that’s composed of dead skin cells), it efficiently dislodges and forces skin to lose these top layers of dead skin, revealing the younger, healthy skin that’s beneath it.

This is not to say that lactic acid may show live skin cells — that does not happen with over-the-counter lactic acid products, nor can it be a desired outcome. Instead, it shows newer layers of the stratum corneum that seem smarter and healthier.

In comparison to glycolic acid, lactic acid has a bigger molecule, therefore it does not penetrate quite as deep into skin. This makes it a much more gentle choice for chemical exfoliation which is less likely to irritate your skin. In general, lactic acid needs to be utilised in a formulation using a pH between 4 and 3, and also a concentration between 4% and 10% in order to satisfactorily exfoliate skin.

Furthermore, lactic acid functions as a humectant. It has the capacity to pull moisture from the atmosphere into the skin, and that will help to moisturize the skin. That is the reason you will frequently notice lactic acid or its sodium salt (sodium lactate) appear in skin care formulations which are not supposed to exfoliate skin, either because of pH or concentration of acid.

Lactic Acid Benefits for Skin

As a humectant, lactic acid brings moisture into the skin, which will help to moisturize and plump it up. That is precisely why it’s so often utilized in serums and moisturizers, even if the formula does not exfoliate skin.

As a chemical exfoliant, lactic acid maintains healthy functioning in skin and prevents dead skin cell build-up. The exfoliation also promotes new, healthful skin cells to reproduce, which in turn can correct all kinds of skin problems in the long run. This might assist with particular cosmetic demands, for example:

  •  Eliminating dry, flakey skin by allowing it to shed. This leaves skin looking smoother and feeling sexier.
  • Allowing moisturizers and serums to penetrate and moisturize skin by getting rid of those dead skin cells which prevent them from getting through.
  • Brightening skin and reducing hyperpigmentation by removing damaged, dull, and pigmented skin. This could help mend all kinds of pigmentation problems including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, and much more.
  • Improving texture problems in the skin. Dead skin build-up will highlight any feel problems in the skin, including roughness, big pore dimensions, and fine lines, so the exfoliation helps decrease it.
  • Eliminating whiteheads and blackheads by preventing the build-up of dead skin that clogs the pores. The same process also will help to seriously lower the recurrence of acne scars.


Try lactic acid on your own! Do not allow the word”acid” frighten you off. Lactic acid is incredibly safe to use, and it is incredibly good at transforming skin! Just a program or two, daily, is all it requires.

Consider what it may mean to reunite your own supple, young skin that is absolutely free of migraines and contains a gorgeous, healthful glow! If you are not satisfied with your skin’s look, provide lactic acid to skin a go. You are guaranteed to appreciate the results. I am aware that I really do!

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