Top 3 Best LG G5 Battery

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Which improvement would you wish to find out in the present smartphone layout, in terms of features and specs? Whether this query asked so lots of people out there, what is the solution? The battery having high power will top the record. That’s among the needs of smartphone users. Since the battery isn’t durable, it may be substituted with a brand new phone at any moment, therefore there’s absolutely not any need. At this point, you may select to replace with a brand new battery (LG G5battery). So, here you’ll find the list of best LG G5 Battery.

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Top 3 Best LG G5 Battery

#1, SodaPop High Capacity LG G5 Battery

The SodaPop LG G5 battery is among the best extended battery Choices. It comes with a huge 3550 mAh battery electricity that won’t ever allow you to run batterylife. This elongated battery comes with an specific dimension to the battery. With a bunch of the battery, you’ll get two batteries that are fully rechargeable. In addition to this, you’ll find a complimentary touch pencil and a charger dock.

This SodaPop extended battery additionally provides some amazing protection features. It will avoid the over-charging of this battery. To charge the battery, you don’t have to carry it out. This battery can be charged even by staying inside the phone and from the cell charger also. You don’t have to use the additional back cover or situation particularly for this.

  • 3550 mAh battery power
  • Comes with an exact dimension to fit in the mobile
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Prevent the over-charging
  • The battery can be charged through a mobile charger
  • No extra back cover is needed
  • The batteries tend to run hot after a while

#2, Taeozi 3600mAh Li-ion Battery Replacement for LG G5

4200mAh LG G5 Battery, 2022 New Li-ion Battery Replacement for LG G5 BL-42D1F VS987 Verizon,H820 at&T, LS992 Sprint,H830 T-Mobile, US992,H845 Dual H850 H858 Spare Battery
  • 100% Full Compatibility: This a Updated G5 Replacement Battery Compatible with LG G5 BL-42D1F VS987 Verizon, H820 At&T, LS992 Sprint, H830 T-Mobile, US992 US Cellular, H845 H860 Phone.
  • High Quality Battery Replacement: 100% New High quality updated battery for LG G5 , Uses Grade A+ battery cells with CE and ROHS certified, Each battery comes with a tested under strict quality control standard, and built-in IC chip to prevent from over-charging, over-heating and other defects. It will provide you with up to 800+ charge cycles with the high-speed and efficient charge.
  • Maximize Your Mobile Experience: This Updated Replacement Battery, Easy installation, The same size as your original battery LG G5 , better high-capacity backup battery for your smartphone, and you can easily add or delete. - ( Friendly Reminder ) :“When using this replacement Battery ,Please use the original charger charging and remember that its full performance and longevity is only achieved after 3 to 5 complete charge and discharge cycles, thus the battery can be reached the optimum ef
  • Warm Tips: Please notice that use up all the power of battery for the first three times before charging, and then take a full charge, thus the battery can be reached the optimum effect of using. Please remember that its full performance and longevity is only achieved after 3 to 5 complete charge and discharge cycles.
  • Friendly Service: Upgraded LG G5 batteries was tested under strict quality-control standards, If you are not 100% satisfied with your battery replacement,please contact us via email! Package includes : 1 x 4200Ah High Quality Replacement Battery for LG G5 .

100% New High quality upgraded battery for LG G5, Uses Grade A+ battery cells with CE and ROHS accredited, Each battery comes with a tested under rigorous excellent control standard and built-in IC chip to stop from over-charging, over-heating along with other flaws. This will provide you with as much as 800+ cost cycles with all the high-speed and effective charge.

This Upgraded Replacement Battery, Easy installation, precisely the exact same size as the original battery LG G5, better high-capacity backup battery for your smartphoneand it is simple to delete or add. – ( Favorable Reminder):”When using this replacement Battery ,Please utilize the original charger charging and Keep in Mind its Entire performance and durability are only attained after 3 to 5 full charge and discharge cycles, hence the battery could be attained the optimal ef

  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.
  • Uses the latest Lithium Ion battery technology.
  • At the first beginning, the battery will drain quickly

#3, LCLEBM LG G5 Battery 2X3200mAh Battery Replacement for LG G5

3200mAh high capacity LG G5 battery includes a charge-discharge cycle of over 900 times, the capacity is more than 90%, and also the battery life may be more than two decades. Will bring you a fresh charging encounter
The battery has passed CE and RoHS accredited product, Every battery is closely planned please rest ensured to use

  • High Capacity
  • Works with your phone’s original back cover.
  • Designed to deliver up to 500 hours of charge.Top grade A celland materials ,with CE, FCC,UL, PSE and ROHS certification
  • Prevent your phone from over-charging,
  • over-heating and short circuit and extends battery life
  • At the first beginning,the battery will drain decrease from 20%
  • to 10% quickly

Buying Guide for Best LG G5 Battery Replacement

A battery replacement is considerably more affordable than a smartphone. But, getting a battery replacement is much greater than the cost. You also must be certain you receive the best and never a battery replacement which will damage your device. Below are a few guidelines that will assist you to get the best battery replacements. Be certain that you go through them before deciding to acquire a fresh battery.

Does it have a guarantee? 
When purchasing a battery replacement, be certain that you check if it’s a warranty. This is to make sure it can be substituted should you chance to buy a malfunctioning battery replacement. With a guarantee, you don’t need to pay and the problem has solved.

Is it certified

The battery replacement needs to be certified by reputable bodies like the RoHS and CE. This ensures that the battery remains secure to use and won’t damage your device. Purchasing a battery that doesn’t have a certificate is risky to the health of your apparatus and might wind up damaging it.

Battery capacity
It’s sensible to acquire a battery replacement with a capacity that’s near a old battery. In the best scenarios, you are able to get one that’s compatible with your device and has a much bigger capacity than your previous battery.

How to Remove and replace the LG G5 battery


1. What’s my LG g5 battery draining so quickly?
Should you find that your energy is draining quickly, even if you aren’t using the LG G5, you could have a problem program. Have a look in Settings > Battery & electricity saving > Battery use. … Your final choice would be to factory reset the LG G5, which will delete all settings and information. Back up your files .

2. How long can LG g5 battery last?
Between two and three times
Standby time is really good and with reduced use, it is easy to expect the G5 to switch between two and three times. The actual trouble comes with moderate to heavy use, in which the battery lifetime is a bit of a let down.

3. How can I create my LG g5 battery last longer?
Suggestions to Conserve battery life

1. Change program sync settings.
2. Reduced screen brightness and timeout length.
3. Toggle out of 4G to 2G.
4. Turn off background information.
5. Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Smartphone Mobile Hotspot.
6. Uninstall unused programs.
7. Update to the most recent software.


Should you find the power of LG G5 battery is draining fast, it’s no need to be substituted by a different phone. The LG G5 does have a detachable battery, meaning you always have the option to buy a spare battery, replacement battery and pop it in if you need additional electricity. I hope this Guide Can Help You Opt for the best LG G5 battery

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