Top 4 Best Msata Enclosure

We spend many hours researching and comparing popular versions to determine the Best Msata Enclosure it is possible to purchase. We’ll be continually updating this site as we start new reviews. After we have examined a decent number, we will begin to compile lists of the Top 3 Best Msata Enclosure.

Let’s See How Many Best Msata Enclosure Are Available In The Marketplace

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Top 4 Best Msata Enclosure

Bestseller No. 1
SABRENT USB 3.0 mSATA II or III/6G SSD Enclosure Adapter [Support UASP] (EC-UKMS)
SABRENT USB 3.0 mSATA II or III/6G SSD Enclosure Adapter [Support UASP] (EC-UKMS)
Hot-swappable, plug and play, no drivers needed.; Supports 50mm and 25mm mSATA hard drives
Bestseller No. 3
mSATA to USB 3.1 Gen2 10GBPS SSD Enclosure Adapter Case with USB Type C Interface for mSATA Internal Solid State Drive Hard Drive (mSATA to USB3.1 Blue)
mSATA to USB 3.1 Gen2 10GBPS SSD Enclosure Adapter Case with USB Type C Interface for mSATA Internal Solid State Drive Hard Drive (mSATA to USB3.1 Blue)
VL716/VL713 controller chip's GEN2 version, with steady and fast transmission function; The size is only 87*42*8.5mm, very portable
Bestseller No. 4
SABRENT mSATA to 2.5-Inch SATA III Aluminum Enclosure Adapter (EC-MSSA)
SABRENT mSATA to 2.5-Inch SATA III Aluminum Enclosure Adapter (EC-MSSA)
Note: It doesn’t support M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs; Convert an m.2 NGFF solid-state drive into a Standard 2.5in SATA III 6Gbps SSD
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
CY mSATA Mini PCI-E SATA SSD to 2.5 inch IDE 44pin Hard Disk Case Enclosure White for Notebook Laptop
CY mSATA Mini PCI-E SATA SSD to 2.5 inch IDE 44pin Hard Disk Case Enclosure White for Notebook Laptop
This adapter using JM20330 Serial ATA Bridge Chip.; Case Size:70mm x 10mm X 9.5mm; Used with MSATA(Mini PCI-E SATA) SSD ONLY!
Bestseller No. 9
CableCC 2 in 1 Combo M.2 NGFF B-key & mSATA SSD to SATA 3.0 Adapter Converter Case Enclosure
CableCC 2 in 1 Combo M.2 NGFF B-key & mSATA SSD to SATA 3.0 Adapter Converter Case Enclosure
2 in 1 Combo M.2 NGFF B-key & mSATA SSD to SATA 3.0 Adapter Converter Case Enclosure; the MSATA and NGFF SSD cannot work at same time.

#1 – mSATA into USB 3.1 Gen2 10GBPS SSD Enclosure

mSATA to USB 3.1 Gen2 10GBPS SSD Enclosure Adapter Case with USB Type C Interface for mSATA Internal Solid State Drive Hard Drive (mSATA to USB3.1 Black)
  • USB Type-C Port: With the latest and most advanced USB-C connector, which allows you transfer data and never have to worry about plugging in upside down
  • USB Type C mSATA SSD enclosure designed to connect a hard drive with host computer easily and expand storage space through high speed up to 10Gbps
  • Features aluminum design, contemporary and ultra slim design, practical and easy to use, exquisite workmanship provides excellent performance
  • VL716/VL713 controller chip's GEN2 version, with steady and fast transmission function
  • The size is only 87*42*8.5mm, very portable

USB Type-C Port: Together with the Most Current and most innovative USB-C connector, allowing you to transfer info and never have to worry about plugging in upside down
USB Form C mSATA SSD enclosure made to connect a hard drive with server computer readily and extend storage area through high speed around 10Gbps
Features: aluminum design, contemporary and ultra-slim layout, functional and Simple to Use, beautiful workmanship provides excellent functionality
VL716 controller processor’s GEN2 variant, with continuous and fast transmission, operate the size is just 87428.5mm, quite portable

#2 – Axtremex Micro SSD Gen2 mSATA – USB 3.1 Gen 2 Storage Bridge

mSATA Enclosure
mSATA Enclosure

Our analysis of this Axtremex Micro SSD Gen2 has backed up all their marketing claims. The device is strong in hand, and also the bridge configuration / firmware successfully manages all of the necessary differentiating features like UASP service, TRIM service and S.M.A.R.T passthrough. Praise aside, there are two factors which require additional detailing – that the thermal performance of the enclosure, also, the value proposition.

In our hefty pressure evaluation (transferring around 250 GB of information to the 840 EVO 1TB mSATA SSD), the temperature of this internal drive attained as large as 73 C. Since direct-attached storage use-cases may involve a lot of large data transfers, we all think it might be safer for Axtremex to provide some type of thermal protection on the inner aspect of the enclosure to remove heat from your mSATA drive. By comparison, the Samsung T3 Portable SSD (using a similar form variable ) in precisely the exact same test simply attained 54 C. This is possibly as a result of thermal protection that someone may view in the teardown gallery . On the other hand, the prior generation Samsung T1 Portable SSD attained 75 C to exactly the exact same workload as a result of lack of any type of thermal protection in this layout. Samsung needed to tackle this issue when going in the T1 to the T3 (although the newer SSD could have helped a little in keeping things cooler in the latter). We brought this to the attention of Axtremex, and they indicated that clients need to put in a thermal pad into the mSATA SSD for intense use-cases. The Arctic Thermal Pad has been proposed as a potential candidate. The strategy is to finally include the thermal pad in the kit , though Axtremex hasn’t yet decided on if that would push the cost of the kit.

The unit is now available on Amazon UK for GBP 50. Consumers in North America can contact the superior storage bridge for GBP 41.66 with shipping costs extra. If a premium layout and also a Type-C interface aren’t crucial, US consumers can find a corresponding bridge configuration in StarTech for $32. From the point of view of a US consumer, the Axtremex can wind up costing as much as twice that of this StarTech enclosure awarded the payment in foreign currency and shipping expenses. What, then, is your value proposition of this storage bridge to get people outside the united kingdom? Extreme asserts that their housing was created in a more compact variable and is created out of Zinc substance with metallic kind colors that may prove appealing to the people appreciative of Apple’s design aesthetics. In addition, they have a video to bring the rugged and durable nature of the enclosure. This clearly includes a superior when compared with aluminum or plastic enclosures with staid layouts. For the excess price, Axtremex additionally packs two kinds of cables, along with the Type-C interface in addition to the cable may marginally push the price in contrast to some Micro-B interface. Extreme has also added extras like a pouch tote along with a screwdriver.

#3 – MyDigitalSSD Bulletproof 4 mSATA Storage Enclosure

We have a peek at the second-generation mSATA storage enclosure out of MyDigitalSSD. If you have got a spare disk useful, make it portable on this gadget.

Almost one year ago, we had the chance to have a peek at the original mSATA into USB 3.0 enclosures out of MyDigitalSSD. Since that time, we’ve seen apparatus such as the newly reviewed VisionTek mSATA adapter utilize a similar layout. So now, we take a look at the following generation of mSATA enclosure out of MyDigitalSSD, the BP4.

The Bulletproof 4 mSATA into USB 3.0 enclosure includes exactly the exact same design qualities of this OTG we reviewed a couple of months ago. This brand new layout homes the newest ASMedia 1153e controller using UASP service included, marketing specifications of this BP4 permits for read/write speeds up to 500 MB/s and can be used with modern Windows operating systems and OS X 10.8+.

MSRP of this MyDigitalSSD BP4 mSATA enclosure is put at $29.99 with a one-year warranty. Range of delivery for your BP4 includes a notice from MyDigitalSSD, together with tools, USB 3.0 cables, along with the enclosure. Above, you can see we utilized our 128GB Toshiba mSATA SSD in the BP4.

To look at the functioning of the BP4, having already installed our Toshiba mSATA SSD, we chased up CDM. Sequential study came in at 402 MB/s, followed closely by 372 MB/s write. Needless to say, your results will be different depending on what drive you choose to install.

The MyDigitalSSD BP4 is an excellent low-cost solution for the ones which have a spare mSATA SSD convenient they would wish to turn into an external storage solution. The build quality is very good, with most of the durability coming out of the plastics used in the plan.

Performance of this BP4 together with our Toshiba mSATA SSD was rather good. We could receive 402 MB/s read from it, and 376 MB/s write.

If we contrasted the newest mSATA enclosure into the original from MyDigitalSSD, this newest solution is roughly double the size of the original, allowing it to fill a coat or shirt pocket somewhat better. This newest design is also completely plastic, in which the original was a metal. In the long run, both options work good, whether you opt to go for the most recent design with all the ASMedia 1153e or the original with all the ASM1053 is left up to you.

#4 – VisionTek mSATA mini USB 3.0 SSD Enclosure

VisionTek 240GB mSATA SATA III Internal Solid State Drive - 900612
  • Ultra-efficient Block Management & Wear Leveling
  • Advanced Read Disturb Management
  • Intelligent "Recycling" for advanced free space management
  • RoHS-compliant package
  • TRIM Command Support

If you’re looking for a quick portable storage device using a sensible capacity, using the VisionTek mSATA mini SSD enclosure paired with an mSATA SSD of option are the best solution. This combination is similar to a combination of a flash disc’s speed and the potential for external hard disk drives. We can say this remedy is somewhere in between, such as having the best of both worlds. See that the enclosure provides speeds around 600mb/s. Note that this rate is still determined by the mSATA SSD you may place inside. It won’t go quicker than the mSATA SSD’s specification you installed in the enclosure. The enclosure will not heat up a little like the flash drives additionally heat up during use although not to an alarming condition along with the entire aluminum frame of this enclosure will not help dissipate the heat.

By this time, it might look like that really is the best portable storage solution available now but there is a catch. Even though the enclosure is cheap just around, mSATA SSDs aren’t cheap in comparison to what flash discs are offering. So unless you’ve got a spare mSATA SSD from upgrading your ultrabook, this portable storage option is on the pricey end of things if you don’t do not mind paying a premium to the additional speed. Another thing to note is that the short USB 3.0 cable that the came in together with the enclosure. It won’t be a problem if you plug it in a laptop but in case you’ve got a tower chassis wherein the USB port is someplace at the top or in the center, the device will be dangling. Aside from those, we certainly love how the VisionTek mini mSATA SSD enclosure functioned together with all the Kingston mS200 240GB mSATA SSD. Should you have a spare mSATA SSD lying about, flip it into a super fast portable storage apparatus using this enclosure!

  • Performance
  • Compact
  • Quick and Effortless Installation
  • Short USB 3.0 cables

#5 – Type-C into mSATA SSD Enclosure Portable mSATA Solid State Drive Box High Rate USB3.1 mSATA SSD Enclosure Black

Features about Type-C Into MSATA SSD Enclosure Portable

  • USB3.1 high-speed transmission, the transmission speed up to 10Gbps, data transport is lightning fast.
  • Type-C interface supports plugging and unplugging on either side, plugin and play, say goodbye to the problem of inaccurate USB insertion.
  • Aluminum alloy body protects the internal hard disk from shock, anti-drop, anti-corrosion and scratch resistance, good heat dissipation, stable and durable.
  • Support hot plug and hot-swapping, no driver needed, you don’t have to reboot.
  • Small dimensions, convenient to transport, simple installation, and functionality.
  • Compatible with a number of operating systems, support Windows SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 or after variant systems.


  • Title: mSATA SSD enclosure
  • Shade: Black/Blue/Silver gray (optional)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Chipset: VL716
  • Interface: USB3.1(Type-C)
  • Transmission speed: 10Gbps
  • Item dimensions: 8.5 * 4.2 * 0.85cm /3.35 * 1.65 * 0.33in(L * W * H)
  • Bundle dimensions: 14 * 9 * 2.1cm /5.51 * 3.54 * 0.83in(L * W * H)
  • Bundle weight: 115g /4.06oz

Review Msata Enclosure on Youtube

Choosing an External Enclosure to Satisfy Your Storage Needs

If it comes to choosing an outside enclosure to house a SSD or hard disk, there are many choices it can be hard not only to make a determination, but also to determine exactly how many possibilities are available.

1 approach which may help in organizing the decisions would be to think about that enclosure kind is best suited to your growth needs. We are going to arrange our appearance at outside enclosures from the kind of connection along with the enclosure’s capacities, then provide a concise look at what a few of the probable kinds of applications such storage expansion could be utilized for.

We are going to concentrate on bare or”diskless” enclosures which you could put one or more SSDs in, however the overall information may also be utilized to select an enclosure for virtually any kind of storage device, including hard drives, SATA-based SSDs, PCIe-based SSD blades, as well as optical drives, to get the collection of DVDs. You could even use this information to purchasing external storage programs which include drives installed.

Enclosures could hold a single driveway, multiple drives, multiple drives with built-in RAID, and numerous drives of different dimensions. Enclosures may have additional purposes beyond simply housing a storage drive; a few function as interface multipliers or docks, allowing one interface for use to provide connectivity via numerous port types.

You might require a storage enclosure for optimizing rate, or an inexpensive method to make that backup system you have been promising yourself. In any event, you need to find some very helpful information in our guide to picking out an outside enclosure.

Best Use for Thunderbolt Enclosures
The Thunderbolt interface is certainly versatile. Depending upon the Thunderbolt variant available on your Mac, it may provide information throughput up to 40 Gbps (Thunderbolt 3), 20 Gbps (Thunderbolt two ), or 10 Gbps (Thunderbolt 1 or simply plain Thunderbolt).

Nonetheless, it is not only the raw rate available in Thunderbolt which makes it a fantastic selection for storage and other applications; additionally, it has the power to support various interface specifications. Thunderbolt 3 supports 40 Gbps data transfer rates, USB 3.1 Gen2 running at 10 Gbps, and DisplayPort 1.2, together with assistance for 2 4K flows, and also the capacity to provide up to 15 watts of electricity to get bus-powered apparatus, or 100 watts for charging, all wrapped up in a single USB-C connector.

When selecting a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure for storage, then you have a couple standard kinds to pick from: a Thunderbolt Dock, like the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock (see picture below), which lets you connect a single cable into your Mac to split multiple USB 3.1 interfaces, a mini DisplayPort supporting dual 4K screens, or a 5K screen and an HD screen, S/PDIF digital sound, a card reader, even a heritage FireWire 800 port. Docks can be found in several port configurations, however since we are concentrating on storage, they permit you to use extra USB 3 Gen1 or Gen2 interfaces to attach extra storage enclosures into. Pretty useful once you find your Mac’s ports are in use.

But we are only getting started using Thunderbolt’s versatility. Enclosures are available which provide a PCIe-based expansion chassis, like the Mercury Helios 3 (see picture below). The PCIe interface may be utilized to install a variety of forms of PCIe expansion cards, however for storage, even a PCIe card which takes one or more SSD blades will provide for a screamingly fast storage method. Or, in the event that you currently have some SATA SSDs, you can install them in a high-performance SATA into PCIe card and gain somewhat more functionality out of them than you can escape a USB 3 interface. The final Thunderbolt storage alternative, and also the one which is most recognizable, are a committed enclosure which uses the SATA interface internally to connect to SSDs, hard drives, or optical apparatus.

You will find Thunderbolt storage timers offered in single drive configurations, multi-drive configurations, and multi-drive configurations with built-in hardware-based RAID. RAID is used to boost performance or provide a test against data loss brought on by drive collapse. RAID can also do both, increasing rate whilst protecting information against drive failure.

Connected: The Way RAID 0, SoftRAID Can Help You Get Fastest Speeds Potential for Your Mac

Together with all the flexibility and functionality that they provide, Thunderbolt-based enclosures give themselves to amateurs and professionals looking to optimize functionality, either using Thunderbolt-based storage for high-speed accessibility to picture, movie, or audio libraries to nourish high-performance editing programs, or to boost their Mac’s overall functionality by providing a quicker startup drive than has been available in the time their Mac has been bought.

With the usage of a RAID-based Thunderbolt enclosure, the two rate and data integrity could be optimized, an integral feature for many networking professionals.

Thunderbolt 3 enclosures also provide a little bit of future proofing for those people with older Macs that are looking for a storage alternative that will work now on Macs equipped with Thunderbolt, in addition to on future Macs we’re considering.

Thunderbolt-based enclosures and expansion chassis have a tendency to be on the pricey side compared to other storage choices, however their raw pace and capability to meet demanding demands over justify the price.

Speed in a Lower Price: USB 3.1 Gen2
If you wish to improve operation but do not require high-end information throughput, or high-end outlays, USB 3.1 Gen2 enclosures might be exactly what you’re looking for.

USB 3.1 Gen2 provides rates up to 10 Gbps; that is twice as fast as USB 3 and also on par with the original Thunderbolt rates. Better still, USB 3.1 Gen2 storage enclosures are offered for just a small premium versus equal USB 3 enclosures.

USB 3.1 Gen2 storage alternatives can be found in single driveway, dual bay RAID enclosures, like the Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini (see picture below) using RAID 0, 1, Span, Independent, and also 4-bay versions that encourage a few added RAID levels.USB 3.1 Gen2 storage methods will appeal to people who need higher functionality than what’s accessible from USB 3 or more USB 3.1 Gen1. A single SATA-based SSD in a Gen2 enclosure is not confined from the enclosure interface, releasing the complete performance available. In a dual bay RAID using two SATA SSDs in a RAID 0, then you are going to notice an increase in functionality, though you will bump up against the enclosure’s bandwidth limitations. Nevertheless, the comparatively low price of those flashlights makes them a fantastic selection for amateurs and prosumers in multimedia jobs. They are also a good alternative for anybody looking to gain some overall functionality from an outside storage platform, and they are able to be utilized as boot devices for older Macs with internal hard drives.

You also get a bit of future proofing, ensuring a Mac you could be eyeing afterwards, using its USB-C kind connectors and greater functionality Gen2 interfaces, are going to have the ability to use the enclosure you purchase now.

USB 3.1 Gen2 enclosures occupy the middle grade, both in functionality and price.

The Thrift of both USB 3 and USB 3.1
What could I say? I enjoy inexpensively. A number of the outside storage methods I use daily are connected through USB 3 or 4 USB 3 Gen1. So what is the difference between both? You may read more about that topic in this article: The History of USB… It’s Not Quite As straightforward As 1, 2, 3. For our purposes here, we are only going to refer to those enclosures as USB 3.

USB 3 enclosures can be found in single bay and dual bay, in addition to 4-4-waynd bigger enclosures, without built-in hardware-based RAID. Enclosures can be found that can encourage 3.5″ hard drives, 2.5″ SSDs, and laptop drives, along with 5.25″ optical drives. Additionally, there are a few that may encourage either 3.5″ or even 2.5″ drives, in order to use the enclosure along with your present hard drdriver that fresh SSD you are going to be picking up.

Some of the cheapest storage enclosures can be found in this category, like the bus-powered OWC Express line of enclosures. While we have been looking at vacant enclosures which you just add your drives , the exact same is true of ready-made external drives. The single bay bus-powered USB 3 configuration is generally the cheapest external drive choice available.

USB 3 enclosures might be excellent for many applications, such as backup, including using more or one to your Time Machine copies. Bus-powered versions are simple to take with you, ensuring at least one backup method journeys with you. They are also helpful when you have to transfer a backup or any kind of stored information around to multiple computers: simply eject, unplug, and then proceed into another Mac where it is required.

The main limit on the usage of a USB 3 enclosure is its own theoretical five Gbps interface. Real-world speed could be somewhat reduced, however in any case, the transfer rate is a little lower than that which a SATA-based SSD can theoretically provide, meaning that the USB 3 interface is going to be a small bottleneck to performance, at least for SSDs. For rotational hard drives and optical drives, the bottleneck remains at the driveway rather than the interface. Thus, you are going to get whole functionality from any hard disk or optical drive that you install in a USB 3 enclosure.

USB 3 is an excellent option for adding general-purpose storage. It may be used by amateurs and prosumers to keep massive libraries of information, such as images and music, externally into a Mac, keeping its internal startup drive by filling up and slowing performance.

USB 3 also produces a handy interface to get a driveway dock, a platform for fast swapping out one driveway for another. Drive docks basically enable you to connect a 3.5″ disk or a 2.5″ drive for a Mac without having to utilize any kind of tools; simply plug in and go. They are made to be utilized for temporary access to information you might have archived on a driveway. They are also useful for formatting, testing, and duplicating content onto a driveway.

USB 3 enclosures are a bargain hunter’s best friend. They can provide outstanding value; simply know about the functionality limitations.


Much like a pen-drive, a Msata Enclosure will allow you hot-swap having an inexpensive and easy configuration.

In addition to this, a Msata Enclosure can allow you to easily attach a fantastic deal of storage info in a compact dimensions.

Nevertheless, you need to select a version that provides physical protection for your driveway.

Obviously, it ought to be compatible with your apparatus for ease of use.

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