Top 4 Best NFC Tags

NFC tags are a convenient way to bring a tiny automatic magical to just about anyplace. When it’s stickers, keychains, cards, or cardboard, these tags may kick off your day using HomeKit, turn on a few songs, or conduct that ultra-complicated Shortcut of yours. Below are a few of the Best NFC Tags to assist you started.

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Top 4 Best NFC Tags

#1 – TimesKey NFC Tags Inkjet PVC NFC Cards NTAG215 Compatible with Epson & Canon Inkjet Printers

TimesKey Inkjet Printable PVC ID Cards Compatible with Epson Canon Inkjet Printers, CR80 30MIL, Can Print on Both Sides,100pcs
  • What is inside: 100pcs Inkjet Printable PVC ID Cards
  • TimesKey Inkjet Print Cards both sides can be printed with Epson & Canon Inkjet Printers, NOT FOR USE IN PVC CARD PRINTERS and normal thermal ID card printers, Only for use with Inkjet Printers.
  • Standard Credit Card Size (CR80) and Thickness ( 30 mil thick)
  • TimesKey is a professional manufacturer. All products are designed and produced by ourselves. The quality is absolutely guaranteed
  • TimesKey welcome bulk orders, if it is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.As a professional NFC products seller, TimesKey provides NFC tags with many exclusive and popular tags for your choice. Please check our store for more NFC tags : NFC Stickers,NFC Keyfobs, Keychains, Blank PVC cards (Normal or Inkjet printing), NFC Black Stikcers, Gift sets, mini cards in Pentagram and Coin size, etc.


TimesKey is a professional RFID / NFC product maker. All of NFC products are created and produced by itself. The quality is completely ensured.

Ntag215 processor is compatible with all features of Ntag203 / / Ntag213 / Tap512. Just Ntag215 may be utilized to create Amiibo and Tagmo. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!!! : A number of these iPhone Model can’t encourage reading the new tags, therefore it can’t recognize the new tags, but it’s not a tags problem, please understand it obviously before your buying.

TimesKey NTAG215 NFC Inkjet Prints Cards, either side may be printed with Epson & Canon Inkjet Printers, NOT FOR USE IN PVC CARD PRINTERS and regular thermal ID card printers, Only for use with Inkjet Printers. If you don’t require an inkjet printing card or want a thermal transfer printing card, then please select TimesKey NFC NTAG215 Card.

The label uses the NXP 215 processor, together with 504-byte usable Memory. The NXP 215 chip includes a read-write lock function which may be edited or read-only. Cannot be edited or reset later set up as read-only tag. Amiibo just can edit after.

TimesKey welcome bulk orders, even if it’s necessary, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As a professional NFC products vendor, TimesKey provides NFC tags with many popular and exclusive tags to your pick. Please check our shop for more NFC tags: NFC Stickers, Keyfobs, Keychains, Blank PVC cards (Regular or Inkjet printing), Black Stickers, Gift sets, mini cards in Pentagram and Coin dimensions, etc..

Timeskey NFC Inkjet Prints Cards Details:

  • Glossy finish laminated white Blank PVC cards-Brand New,
  • Printable using Epson & Canon Inkjet Printers, BOTH sides may also be printed on
  • NOT FOR USE IN PVC CARD PRINTERS: Only for use with Inkjet
  • Printers, not intended to be used with ordinary thermal ID card printers
  • ntag215 NFC Processor using 504 bytes of memory, Compatible With Akimbo and TagMo
  • Compatible with NFC Smartphones
  • Not intended to be used on alloy surfaces

#2 – GoToTags Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Label – Sticky Token

GoToTags Blank White On-Metal NFC Sticker - NTAG213 - Circle - 30 mm - 10 Pack
  • Includes 10 blank white NFC stickers
  • Ferrite layer provides on-metal functionality; including aluminum and electronic surfaces
  • Each tag features a sticky adhesive backing to allow for easy and convenient placement
  • Smooth, glossy finish provides slight water-resistance while also being print-friendly
  • A fast and modern NTAG 213 chip offers 144 bytes of user memory; ideal for a URL, text, contact card, etc.


  • Includes 10 heavy-duty NFC tokens using a tacky 3M adhesive backing and 5-millimeter centre hole
  • Ferrite coating provides on-metal performance; including aluminum and digital surfaces
  • Powerful, durable, and waterproof ABS housing protects the NFC processor inside — safe for outside usage
  • Each token features an NTAG 213 processor with 144 bytes of memory that’s read/write prepared and NDEF ordered; perfect for a URL, text file, respectively
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, and desktop NFC apparatus

Product Description

This -package of Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Tags features a ferrite coating to permit uninterrupted performance when put on alloy, aluminum, or digital surfaces. Having a durable and waterproof ABS plastic housing a quick and dependable NTAG2 processor with 1 byte of memory that is usable, these tags are fantastic for industrial and/or outside applications. A 3M adhesive backing in addition to a 5-millimeter center hole, means these tokens could be stuck to or drilled on a surface. This specific NFC tag version is widely used for safety access checkpoints since it is readily mounted to metal-framed doors. Tags come clean and are read/write prepared — formerly composed, data could be”locked” so that the label is read-only. If an NFC label is”secured” it can’t be unlocked.

Compatible with iPhone and Android apparatus. For large volume orders, please contact the right.


  • Durable ABS Plastic
  • Waterproof / Weatherproof
  • 3M Adhesive Backing
  • NXP NTAG2 Processor – NDEF Formatted
    iPhone & Android Compatible

#3 – Crystal Cube NFC Tags Campaign

Campaign Details about Crystal Cube NFC Tags

  • Campaign ID: C39071
  • Categories: Electronics, Gadgets
  • Shipping Method: Amazon (FBA or FBM)

Product Details
Imagine a Tool Of Wireless Data Transmission That Invokes An Action According To You Place Your Phone Close to the Apparatus, The Action Is a Set Of Instructions Directed To Your Phone. Single Faucet Will Initiate Any Pre Programmed Task Related For Your NFC Enabled Device, All You Want To Do Is Encoded The Tag With A Specific Action Trigger ( like connecting to a WiFi network), 1 Tap And You’re In! Nfc Tags Can Save Your Time, Effort, And Create The Most Complicated Tasks Fused In Only 1 Touch.

#4 – Tagstand NFC Tags

Tagstand Google Cardboard VR Viewer NFC Tag - 4-Pack
  • The same NFC tags that debuted with the Google Cardboard VR Viewer at the 2014 Google I/O developer conference
  • Four Topaz 512 NFC Tags with 454 bytes of reprogrammable message memory
  • 85.5 x 54mm (3.36 x 2.2 inches) - about the size of a credit card
  • Pre-programmed to launch the Cardboard Android App
  • Includes 4 Tags in this pack

These newspaper decals with our snazzy logo on the front is supported by means of Type 2 NTAG213 chip. This processor features 144 bytes of usable space and also may be produced read-only. Furthermore, since this decal contains no protective shielding, it functions best in conditions in which it isn’t placed right on the metal.

Compatible with NFC Tags-capable phones!


  • Includes 8 Black NFC decals with all the snazzy Tagstand logo
  • All decals are NTAG213 and harmonious with NFC-capable phones
  • Want greater than 144 bytes of usable space? Try our NTAG216 tags with five times more memory (also available on Amazon!)
  • Want your own layout — check out our newest Tagstand + Avery NFC Design package on Amazon and design your own decals!
  • Want something a bit more sturdy? Our bubble tags (on Amazon) are all made from epoxy and are lovely and long lasting!

 NFC Tags on Youtube

5 kinds of NFC tags

NFC technology combines the operational style of non-reader/Reader, non-tag/tag, and peer-to-peer information market! NFC Forum, since the writer of this specification, defines the following 5 Kinds of NFC tags

Sort 1: According to ISO14443A. Together with readable, re-write capacities, which users may configure as read-only. The storage capability is 96 bytes and can be used to save the URL or other tiny quantities of information. But, memory can be expanded to 2k bytes. The communication rate is 106 kbit/s.

Typical processor kind Topaz 512 (BCM20203)

Sort 2: This is additionally predicated on ISO14443A, using readable, re-write capacities that users may configure as read-only. Its foundation memory size is 48 bytes, but may be enlarged to 2k bytes. The communication rate can also be 106 kbit/s.

Typical processor kinds are Mifare Ultralight / / Ultralight C, NTag203/210/213/ / 215/216, etc..

Sort 3: Data communication rate is 212 Kbit/s. Thus, this kind of tag is much more suitable for more complicated applications, the price is higher.
Sort 4: This kind of tag is defined as harmonious with ISO14443A and B criteria. Artificial is pre-set to readable/rewritable, or read-only. The processor has a bigger memory and can be communicating between 106 kbit/s and 424 kbit/s.

Typical processor types for a vast assortment of programs are the DESFire household, with capabilities ranging from 2K, 4K, and 8K.

Sort 5: this kind of label is the most recent form of NFC tag defined in the past several decades, and also the corresponding RFID protocol would be your ISO15693 series RFID chip. NFC Forum introduced this selection of processors to satisfy the growing number of long-distance, miniaturized NFC tags as well as their software.

What’s NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables wireless communication between two digital devices that are near one another. Officially, NFC can support distances up to 1.5 inches apart, but in practice, it could be around 4 inches.

Ordinarily, this comes in 2 kinds; a device to device communication or readable tags. Although it’s possible to create two devices that interact via NFC, there are normally superior ways of achieving this either via physical cables or other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

That stated contactless payments have been facilitated via NFC. Thus, when you walk into the neighborhood shop and pay with your phone using Google Purchase or Apple Pay, then the trade is initiated through NFC.

The principal interaction procedure, then, is between a device such as a smartphone and a readable NFC tag. These tags are small, cheap, and unpowered. This can be made possible since the reading apparatus, frequently your smartphone can bring in a Radio Frequency (RF) area which will power the label.

Which are the gaps between NFC and RFID?

NFC technology is a particular sort of RFID technology. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) identifies the selection of technologies using radio waves for information transmission. Four sub-categories of RFID are identified, depending on the respective operating frequency:

  • LF (low frequencies): 125 kHz – 134.2 kHz
  • HF (high frequencies) or NFC: 13.56 MHz
  • UHF (ultra-high frequencies): 860 MHz – 960 MHz
  • SHF (super-high frequencies): 2.45 GHz

The NFC technologies are what works at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and will be the only one, one of those RFID, to be compatible with mobile phones equipped with NFC. The LF and HF frequencies have a radius of a few centimeters, whereas the UHF and SHF frequencies have a broader range up to several meters. If you’re looking for UHF RFID Tags or subscribers, we recommend visiting RFID Trade

Frequently Asked Questions

NFC Tags
NFC Tags

Q#1: How long do NFC tags continue?

Roughly 100,000
An NFC chip includes a stated amount of reading/write cycles it could endure. Usually, the threshold is roughly 100,000.

Q#2: Would you erase NFC tags?

Erasing the memory is straightforward. Open the program, pick the others tab, and choose hiding tag. The program will prompt you to tap your phone over an NFC label to eliminate its memory.

Q#3: How Can I unveil an NFC label?

NFC Tags are writable by default. Potentially, the NFC Tag could be countered endlessly. They’re certain to be rewritten up to 100,000 times (depending upon the IC). But, you may even block them so they will no more be rewritten.

Q#4: How can you compose on an NFC tag?

To just write to a sterile NFC label, be certain all of those choices are unchecked. Finally, choose”Compose” in the bottom of the screen and tap on the back of your phone to some sterile NFC label as though you were going to read it. This composes the URL into the label. Congratulations, you have just analyzed your very first NFC tag!

Q#5: Would iPhone compose NFC tags?

Starting with iOS13, iPhones newer and 7 can read and compose NFC tags. With this feature, iPhones programs can compose NDEF information like URLs and text. iPhones also like native label accessibility to take advantage of features available on various NFC chips.

Q#6: How can I mend the NFC tag not supported?

The effortless way to flip off NFC on your phone would be to drag the notification bar, enlarge the fast access panel and then tap on the icon to get NFC. This is exactly what the icon looks like on most Android phones. If you are not using NFC in your own phone, however, you did receive this error message, then that implies that something nearby is NFC allowed.


You will find some Best NFC Tags on our list. Hopefully, our review of the top 4 Best NFC Tags helps provide you an insight into which one you need to pick.

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