Top 4 Best Pencil Extender

Best Pencil extenders can be found in a massive range of styles and prices and may accommodate a lot of different people and functions.

You get more use from every pencil, which means that you may keep using pens when they’re too short to utilize differently, or , you may use them comfortably than if you’re struggling to hold the tiny stub you’d left! Especially with pricey pencils, this may be significant, but it is good with any pen – not as to throw off, and much more use from every product.

The pure simplicity of a pencil is frequently its best attribute, but you want more features. Maybe you would like a pocket clip, also it might help if there was a sharpener connected to the pen in any way times. And should you would like to place a pen in your pocket, then it would help if there is a easy means to pay for the trick so that it does not stab you or even get snapped. You may like to use a pencil, but a conventional wooden pen just does not seem right in the great suit you are wearing for your meeting – something a little more lavish would help. Pencil extenders can do these things.

We’ve got a massive selection about the Best Pencil Extender if you would like features, luxury, or simply wish to have the ability to use your pens to the stub.

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Top 4 Best Pencil Extender

#1 – e+m Peanpole Pencil Extender

E+M Germany"Peanpole" Wood Pencil Extender, Natural Finish (FSC 1155-0)
  • When your Pencil becomes too short to hold, just insert it into this handy tool and carry on using it
  • 8 mm Diameter x 120 mm long (approximately 4.7")
  • The nickel-plated clasp holds your Pencil in place
  • Works with most standard sized art, craft, Hobby and School pencils
  • The wooden handle is the same Diameter and hexagon shape as most pencils, so it has the same feel as a full length Pencil

This German-made pen extender is exactly the exact same diameter and hexagonal shape since most pens, therefore feel like a natural extension in the hand. It is very narrow and light, so will not weigh you down and contains many wooden finishes using a nickel-plated grip. It retains the pencil by simply sliding a ring as far as possible, which corrects the pin in place until you slip the ring down to discharge. Its 8mm opening matches most pens (prisms, poly) comfortably and without scraping the paint.

Beanpole pen extender. Classic-style pen extension for making use of brief leftover spans of pricey or cherished pencils. Slide the ring insert pen and push the ring ahead to hold the pencil.

Made from FSC-certified beech wood in a selection of finishes. Metal components are nickel-plated.

Pencil extender 8 x 120mm.

E+m Holzprodukte was set in Nuremberg, Germany in 1899 as a producer of pen nib holders. Family-owned and operated, they are presently located in Neumarkt and produce individually-crafted writing implements using natural raw materials. Responsibly-sourced and FSC-certified timber is their main substance, even though they’ve now branched into using leather and metals.

Using conventional manufacturing procedures and master organizers, electronic +to produces a variety of stationery that’s amazing in its own simplicity.

#2 – Pencil Extenders Set of 5 Pencil Lengthener for Color Pencils

Pencil Extenders Set of 5 Pencil Lengthener for Color Pencils
  • ADJUSTABLE TOP FITS MOST PENCILS - Adjustable pencil extender for color pencils and graphite. Twist the top to tighten or loosen the pencil holder allowing you to fit almost all pencils up to 8 mm including Faber Castell polychromos Prismacolor premier.
  • EASY TO USE: Just insert the pencil into the lengthener and twist the top until it’s firm
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Gorgeous marble pattern design of the pencil extenders are fun and help keep the artist juices flowing
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This is a risk-free buy, backed by our Hassle-free money back guarantee

ADJUSTABLE TOP FITS MOST PENCILS — Adjustable pencil extender for color pencils and graphite. Twist the top to tighten or loosen the pen holder allowing you to match almost all pens 7-9mm including Faber Castell polychromos Derwent intense Prismacolor premier.

Simple to Use: Simply insert the pen into the lengthener and turn on the top until it is company

Stunning DESIGN: Gorgeous marble design layout of the pen extenders are enjoyable and keep the artist juices flowing

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This is a risk-free purchase, backed by our Hassle-free a settlement warranty

#3 – Derwent Pencil Extenders

Derwent Pencil Extender Set, Silver and Black, For Pencils up to 8mm, 2 Pack (2300124)
  • Derwent Pencil Extender Set lets you use almost every bit of a pencil before having to throw it away
  • Silver extender fits larger-size pencils up to 8mm
  • Black extender fits standard-size pencils up to 7mm
  • Adjustable screw fitting holds pencils securely
  • Soft touch coating on barrel offers a firm grip

If you’re somewhat interested in where they had been fabricated, the rear of the card says they had been”Made in PRC”.
This easy pen attachment consists of a hollow aluminum tubing capped on one side and a round knurled metal fitting that screws on the opposite end as shown in the disassembled models above. This 4B Tombow Mono pen stub fit well in the 7 mm black extender, along with the snowy Derwent Drawing pencil proved to be a snug fit for your 8-millimeter silver extender. The extenders provide a healthier texture for pen stubs, allow greater control using their knurled metal grip fittings, and texture very agreeable to the touch with their delicate barrel coating. By inserting the pen trick into the extender, the metal barrel may also be a very sturdy protective pencil cap. If you’re already utilized to carrying out a good pen sharpener in your area sketching kit, pen extenders in several ways to make conventional wooden pens almost as convenient to utilize on-the-go as mechanical pens. Another option is to find a Faber Castell Perfect Pencil, but they might be somewhat difficult to find recently.

The silver 8-millimeter holder might seem quite similar in dimension for this reddish wide Kutsuwa holder, but it could really hold the widest diameter pens in the Derwent product variety (Drawing, Pastel, Coloursoft, Pastel, Graphitint) while the Kutsuwa can just hold regular size pens (Graphic, Watercolour, Studio).

  • The silver extender filled with a Derwent Graphitint pencil.
  • The silver extender filled with a Derwent Pastel pencil.
  • The silver extender filled with a Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil.

The 7 mm black extender is very similar in dimension to this slim blue Kutsuwa pen holder. It works nicely with standard thin pens like the Prismacolor gold colored pencil revealed below. Yet the match can be somewhat tight with a few pen manufacturers and will probably scratch the pen’s varnished finish. Not a real problem since you would still be getting a few more useful strokes from your little pencil stubs anyway. Because of their powerful screw mechanism, such extenders hold the pen stubs so firmly that they are sometimes sharpened effortlessly without rotating in a position like they sometimes often perform with sliding ring presses such as the Koh-I-Noor 1098 pen lengthener.

Both variations of this Derwent Inktense pens (hexagonal and round barrels) are too broad for its black 7-millimeter pen extender.
Even though they fit very well in the silver 8-millimeter extender. Therefore it was quite smart of the producer to have sizes packed in precisely the exact same card to guarantee maximum flexibility of those functional pencil accessories.

The Prismacolor colorless blender and Derwent burnisher pens also comfortably fit in both pen extenders respectively. If you love using wooden graphite and colored artist’s pens from time to time, this carded pair of Derwent Pencil Extenders are a good functional addition to your sketching kit. They are equally helpful for extending the life span of your pen points when utilized as a protective cover and for using your pricey premium artist’s pens down to the tiniest stub when utilized as a holder.

#4 – 7mm Metallic Pencil Extender

Pencil Extender
Pencil Extender
Sipliv Dual Head Metal Pencil Holder Pencil Extender for Sketch & Charcoal Pencil, School Office Art Write Tool, 5 Pieces a Set
  • Material: metal, lightweight, convenient for you to write as you want, last a longtime use
  • When the pencil is too short to draw, put on a pencil extender, increase the pencil's length, facilitate painting, and use your pencil effectively
  • Helpful writing instrument: aluminum pencil extender help short pencils balanced due to snug grip; No waste of pencil stubs
  • Double pencil extender holder diameter : one head is approx 7mm the other head is approx 13mm, 122mm in length, standard size fit works with most standard size art, craft, hobby and school pencils (Manual measurements, slightly biased)
  • Color random delivery, 5pcs a set, pencils are not included


Extend the life span of your colored pens and help you save cash! Fantastic for lengthening a brief pen at a better grip and more control. Aluminum makes these lightweight but powerful. Simply insert your pen into the extender holder then twist the metal top to loosen or tighten. Suggestion: To get a few pens with painted caps, so it works best to take out the metallic top, insert hint from behind then substitute on the holder.

  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 9×5.6×3.1″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Length: 105 mm
  • Weight: 72 g / 1.6oz

Aluminum Colored Pencil Extenders available in 6 beautiful metal colors.

This extender matches any 7mm pen, including Prismacolor, Arteza, Cezanne, Blick, Tombow, Bruynzeel Design, Staedtler Design Journey, Crayola, Cretacolor Pastel, Koh-I-Noor Woodless, and much more.

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Things You Need To Know to Pencil Extender

History roughly Pencil Extender

An Evermore effective way of mass production of pens has pushed the replacement price of down a pencil. Earlier this, most people will continue to utilize the stub of a pencil to postpone the expense of a new one. [2] If you”didn’t feel comfortable using a stub, pen extenders were marketed. These devices operate something like a porte-crayon […] the pen stub could be inserted into the end of a shaft […] Extenders were particularly common among engineers and draftsmen, whose favored pens were prized. Using an extender has the benefit that the pen doesn’t appreciably alter its heft because it melts.” [2] Artists now utilize extenders to maximize the usage of colored pens.

Pencil Extender Enables You To Use the Whole Pencil

The longer a pen is used and sharpened, the tougher it is to maintain a grip on it. It may be simple to throw away short pencils, but for those people that really wish to utilize every bit, you will find still rocket pen extenders.

These plastic pen extenders by design staff FORM BYTE help users make the most of their pens. The plan is available for downloading on Cults for under a buck; you must 3D print it all on your own.

For more rocket-themed pen fun, there is also a downloadable layout to get a pencil holder. The stand looks like the tail of a rocket and matches four pens simultaneously. Together with the shift in your pocket and also accessibility to a 3D printer, you might have a desk that is the envy of astrophile everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q#1: What’s using a pen extender?

A pen extender (or pen lengthened) is a little instrument (made from wood or metal ) allowing to expand of modest pens, in order to ease their usage.

Q#2: When should you throw off pencils?

Pens are thrown out once they break or run out of ink, but a lot of people throw off their pens when they have a lifetime before them. That is because people find pens no more useful, Though they still compose, following the eraser wears out or the pen becomes uncomfortable to hold


I hope you have enjoyed this look into Pencil Extenders which are presently available to buy, but you will find loads more to pick from on the website with varying mechanics, lengths, and widths, so choose one that’s best for you and find those old pen stubs from storage!

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