Top 5 Best Potty Training Watch

Potty Training Watch helps busy families to help your kid to go to the bathroom in time. By informing your kid when to go to the bathroom they provide the custom of bathroom training. Before buying any Potty Training Watches, please see buying guides from reputable sources. You may know how to select Potty Training Watches and Things to consider when buying the Potty Training Watches and Where to Purchase or Buy the Potty Training Watches. Our rankings above is merely a suggestion. we’ve recorded Top 5 best potty training watch for you.

Top 5 Best Potty Training Watch

#1 – CUCUBIT Music Potty Training Watch

CUCUBIT Music Potty Training Watch Reminder Water Resistant Toddler Toilet Training Aid Potty Timer (Blue)
  • Do you have to turn off and on each day? No. Silent sleep mode (9:00 pm-7:00 am) helps skip your nights, automate repetitive pause and begin.
  • Do you have to charge it? No. A button cell battery included, 6 months warranty for battery CUCUBIT brand promised (Refund or replacement available)
  • 6 TIMER MODES: Set the timer to go off every 30, 45, 60, 90,120 or 150 mins for consistent reminders. When time is up, the timer will automatically reset itself.
  • WATER RESISTANT UP TO 100FT. Unnecessary to take it off while washing hands (Avoid hot water 30°C +).
  • 12/24 HOUR DISPLAYED, time teacher for your baby boys and girls. MUSIC MELODY REMINDER make it's fun to go potty.

CUCUBIT Music Potty Training Watch Reminder Water Resistant Toddler Toilet Training Aid Potty Timer

  • Timer choices: 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 150 minutes
  • Battery life: 6 months, ensured, but probably around 18 months with NO charging.
  • Water Resistant: Up to 100 ft

The CUCUBIT watch is among the most full-featured watches on this listing and will please both kids and parents. It comes in blue or pink.

Once set, the CUCUBIT potty view mechanically reproduces its alarm around 28 times every day (daily!) Until you decide to reset it. You will not have to manually switch off the watch or alerts, since there’s an automatic quiet sleep mode. This rationale, coupled with the massive assortment of timer options, is why I believe that the CUCUBIT watch is the best potty training watch for toddlers.

Together with the longest battery life too, your little one ought to be ensured to be potty trained by the time it expires and requires changing. In addition, since you may eliminate all of the alerts after your child is potty trained, the watch acts as a fundamental electronic watch telling time in a 12/24 hour format.

The alert reminders to potty are musical melodies, that can be fun for children. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no way to flip the alerts to vibrate in case you do not enjoy the noise.

One added bonus is that this potty training watch is waterproof, meaning that your little one may wash hands, bleach, or even swim with it on.

#2 – PottyWrist Potty Training Editor

Potty Training Wrist Potty Watches for Toddler Boys | Water Resistant Timer Watch for Boys Blue Shark Baby Band | Rechargeable Potty Training Count Down Alarm Timer
  • Potty training made eady watchs for toddler boys training watch works by simply setting the interval timer alarm for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. The adorable melody and fun lights will remind your child that its’ potty time and auto-reset for consistent alarm reminders all day. with o Panda potty charm
  • Soft silicone wristband ideal for toddlers. Beautiful potty training watch for toddlers. Bright colored food grade silicone wrist made to fit in a toddler’s small wrist. BPA/Latex free toilet training watch that stays intact while your kids play all day.
  • Rechargable and limited water resistance. This unisex potty time watch doesn’t have to be removed when washing hands or playing near water. It’s easy to use and comes with micro-USB Charging Cable, so you don’t have to keep changing the battery
  • Cute potty reward prize charm panda optional potty reward . PottyWrist is a cute toddler watch for both boys and girls. It has a cute panda figure that you child will love and grow attached to. This makes potty training easy and fun
  • Satisfaction gurantee 1 year warranty . In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our product, we are here to listen to you. We guarantee unmatched customer service and 1 year warranty on all our products.

POTTY TRAINING MADE EASY:  The potty training watch functions simply by setting the interval timer alert for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. The cute melody and entertaining lights will remind your child who it’s potty time plus auto-reset for consistent reminders daily.

SOFT SILICONE WRISTBAND IDEAL FOR TODDLERS:  Stunning potty training lookout for toddlers. Vibrant colored food grade silicone wrist designed to match in a toddler’s little wrist. BPA/Latex free bathroom training watch which remains intact while your children play daily.

RECHARGEABLE AND LIMITED WATER RESISTANT: This unisex potty time she doesn’t need to be removed when washing hands or playing near water. It’s simple to use and includes a micro-USB Charging Cable so that you don’t need to keep changing the battery

CUTE POTTY CHARMS. USABLE AS A NORMAL WATCH:  PottyWrist is a cute toddler’s opinion for both girls and boys. It’s a cute panda figure which your child will adore and grow attached to. This makes potty training easy and enjoyable.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. I YEAR WARRANTY:  In the unlikely event, you aren’t satisfied with our product, we’re here in order to hear from you. We guarantee unmatched client support and one year guarantee on our products.

#3 – ABC123 Potty Trainer Aid Watch

ABC123 Potty Training Watch - Baby Reminder Water Resistant Timer for Toilet Training Kids & Toddler (Pink)
  • REMINDS YOUR KIDS WITH FUN MELODY - This timer alarm comes with an adorable tune to remind your child every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to go potty. After alarming, it resets automatically for the next reminder.
  • REMINDS YOUR KIDS WITH FUN MELODY - This timer alarm comes with an adorable tune to remind your child every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to go potty. After alarming, it resets automatically for the next reminder.
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALLER WRIST - Crafted with colorful soft-silicon and child-friendly Potty Trainer Wristband specifically made to easily fit a toddler's small wrist.
  • WATER-RESISTANT WEARABLE POTTY WATCH - No need to remove the watch every time they go to the toilet, they can wash their hands or play with water with its water resistant feature.
  • MAKES TOILET TRAINING FUN & ENGAGING FOR KIDS - Appears like a great toy, bracelet or accessory for toddlers and allows busy parents to remind kids regularly without losing track of time. Suitable for 18 months and above.

Best For Small Toddlers

During our study, we encounter countless potty watches that are available to be used. In our honest opinion, we’ve settled and highly suggest ABC123 Potty Trainer Aid Watch. Its child-friendly melodies that remind most kids will like to hear. Aside from this, you may place the timer in intervals of 30 minutes. Subsequently, the timer resets itself after each alert.

The ABC123 Potty Trainer Aid Watch has soft silicone straps that aren’t abrasive to the small hands. The product is water-resistant, thus making it safer when the kids are washing their hands or playing water. The product is rechargeable via a USD changing the cable.

This product fits nicely for parents that invest more of the time on work-related actions during the day. Additionally, it gives the child the freedom to have fun without worrying about damaging the watch.

Considering all the aforementioned mentioned the potty watch sells for just USD 19.95 only. A price we believe is marginally lower for a product of the prestige, yet affordable for most households. This choice offers a moneyback warranty.

  • It has quite substantial attributes and features, and very affordable to a lot of buyers.
  • The toddlers won’t feel the burden of this watch since it’s mild on the hand.
  • You obtain an English user guide on buy to lead you on how best to utilize it.
  • It’s suitable for kids from age one and a half a year.
  • As soon as you purchase it, you get a guarantee from the manufacturer, which helps to ensure you could get help in the event of any factory malfunction.
  • You may just find it in just two colors for the time being.
  • The product requires regular recharging to remain on. Hence, the opinion will go off when the recharging isn’t punctually.

#4 – Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch

Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch - Toilet Training Timer - Rechargeable Water Resistant Digital Watch Reminder to Go Potty Vibrates and Plays Music Keeps Your Child Entertained at Potty Time
  • Fun Reminder: Kidnovations Potty Training Watch plays entertaining music or vibrates to remind your child to go potty. Simply set the interval timer alarm for 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes and let the watch remind your child that it's potty time!
  • High-Quality Construction: Expertly crafted of 100% non-toxic, BPA/latex-free silicone rubber with a classic buckle clasp to provide a secure fit at all times, this Potty Training Watch will supply long-term durability to stand the test of time.
  • Water-Resistant Properties: There’s no need for children to take their watches off when showering, playing with water or washing their hands. Boasting water-resistant properties, they can keep their watches on without worrying about damage.
  • Fashionable Accessory: This Premium Watch is more than just a potty training tool. Furnished in your choice of pink, blue, purple or black to appeal to boys and girls alike, this functional watch is a fashionable accessory for children of all ages.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Your satisfaction is Kidnovations top priority. If you are unhappy with the Premium Potty Training Watch for any reason, contact us and we will offer you a refund or replacement for up to 60 days with no questions asked!
Potty Training Watch
Potty Training Watch


SECURED WRIST STRAP FITS TODDLERS AND TEENS – Crafted with brightly colored soft-silicon, our child-friendly bathroom training wristwatch is specially designed to readily fit from toddler little wrist to young children’s. It includes Pink or Blue color made with 100% non-toxic, BPA/Latex Free silicone rubber outfitted with a classic watch buckle grip which aids remains in your children while they’re playing daily!

WATERPROOF & simple to use – There is no need to eliminate this watch each time the children go to the bathroom or go to have a bath. They could wash their hands, play water, go swimming without needing to be worried about getting the watch ruined! The Kidnovations Potty Watch is convenient & rechargeable, no batteries required. Each watch comes with a calming blue or pink silicon watch, micro-USB charging cable, using an easy to understand manual. Suitable for 18 months and over.

QUICK LEARNING FOR KIDS & MORE TOILET TRAINING FUN – This Potty Training Watch is adaptable and maybe a great toy, accessory, or bracelet for toddlers and children. Who says that potty training can not be fun? This permits busy parents to bring a fun element into potty training whilst giving their children a feeling of independence & obligation without losing track of time. This might also be utilized as a normal watch so that your little ones can assess the time.

ENTERTAINING MUSIC TO REMIND YOUR KIDS TO GO POTTY – Only set the interval timer alert for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes and allow the adorable song to remind your child that it is POTTY TIME!! The alarm will automatically reset until it’s turned off to another reminder. You may easily change the alert from audio to vibration if necessary for college or silent locations. Please note in order to modify the setting of this watch, or to observe the moment, you merely must tap the lower portion of the camera.

60 DAY 100 percent MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE– If for whatever reason you’re not pleased with the product, we’re here for you personally.


Potty Training your child will always be a struggle for kids and parents alike. However, it does not need to be that difficult or stressful. Together with the Kidnovations Potty Training Watch, we’ll assist you in making toilet training a fun and simpler experience for yourself and your children!

This Potty Training Watch is a cute and wearable accessory that reminds your children to go potty during the day. It is possible to set the interval timer alert for 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes and allow the adorable song or even more discreet vibration remind your child that it is Potty time. Using the Kidnovations Potty Training Watch will provide your child with a feeling of independence and obligation. This might also be utilized as a normal watch so that your little ones can assess the time.

Who says that potty training can not be fun? This colorful silicone wristwatch using its own animated tune is the ideal match for active parents and young children. It includes a Pink or Blue color made with 100% non-toxic, BPA/Latex Free silicone rubber with a timeless watch buckle clasp to make certain it remains in your children while they’re playing daily.

Obtain the Kidnovations Potty Training Watch to help your kid learn quicker, and make them engaged, making toilet training just as much a breeze as you can!

My husband and I made this opinion after struggling to receive our son to understand if he wants to go to the bathroom and eventually become toilet trained. This potty reminder view allowed him to be conscious of”the requirement to go”, and rather importantly, he gave him the self-confidence he needed to succeed. We expect this view helps your bathroom training process too, and we’re always here to answer some queries, or simply to emphasize about this phase in our kids’ lives. It’s all worthwhile!

#5 – Premium Potty Training Watch

Pottywin Potty Training Watch - Potty Training Watches for Toddler Girls - Water Resistant Potty Trainer for Boys, Girls, Toddlers - Easy to Wear and Set-Up (Blue)
  • ⌚ ENTERTAINING & ENGAGING - Train your little one to go the potty effortlessly with this potty training watch. The device plays a catchy tune that your little darling can sing gleefully along with.
  • ⌚ LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN - Let your toddler know it’s time to go to the toilet with this innovative toilet timer. It features an automatic timer that can be set up every 30, 60, or 90 minutes.
  • ⌚ COOL DESIGN - Your little tyke will surely love the bright, eye-catching color of their new potty timer. It has a simple yet stylish look, making your child feel like a grown-up wearing it.
  • ⌚ DESIGNED FOR SMALL WRISTS - This potty training watch is tested and approved for kids 18 months and up. It’s durable, comfortable, and stays on securely even when your child is playing.
  • ⌚ CONVENIENT & WATER RESISTANT - No need to remove this potty training watch when washing hands. Your toddler can play with water without worries of the wristwatch being damaged.

Just Watch with Many Alerts (16) to Fit Your Schedule & Hassle-Free Smart Timer – Water Resistant – The two Vibration & Music – Kids’ Lock – Touchscreen- Easy Use

Why Here’s Premium Potty Training Watch instead of other manufacturers?

60 DAY 100 percent MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We can provide you with a replacement or refund if you’re displeased with the watch, no questions asked!

16 ALARMS and SMART TIMER – Our 16 alert feature is much more convenient compared to any timer watches. You need to be sure to turn ON a timer watch each morning and turn it OFF every evening before bed. But, you can set up to 16 alerts with our watch, not be worried about turning it ON/OFF daily. It is going to automatically sound daily in your chosen times. If you prefer timers, then you may set up our smart timer only once and it’ll do the job automatically. You don’t need to turn it ON/OFF regularly similar to the other watches.

BOTH VIBRATION AND MUSIC – Our view would be the only one that lets you change from audio into vibration mode for discreet scenarios like school time.

KID LOCK FEATURE – Some parents have reported that their kids play with their view and mess up the settings for different manufacturers. Thus, we’ve produced a kid-lock attribute to avoid this from happening. You’ll have to enter the ideal password until you make adjustments to the vital settings of this watch. This password is offered to you in the guide of this opinion.

WATER RESISTANT – a few of the other manufacturers’ watches aren’t water-resistant. This attribute is essential to get a potty training opinion. Our watch is water-resistant and your little one can use it for jobs like washing their hands.

12 HOUR TIME – Our view shows time in a 12-hour format that’s easy to read for a toddler. Whereas, various other manufacturers display time in a 24-hour format.

VIDEO MANUAL – Lots of parents have reported that setting up their marriage training observe they obtained from different brands was quite hard. Some attribute the poorly written guides they obtained. Thus, we’ve produced a video guide for our opinion in addition to this written manual.

How can you use a Potty Training Watch?

Potty Watch Instructions

Simply set the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It will count down to 00:00. Then a tune and flashing lights to let the kid know it’s the right time to try out to go potty. Following the tune and lights finish playing, the timer automatically resets itself and begins counting down again.


1. Hold the SET button and then press the TIMER button in precisely the exact same time to begin style choice.
2. Press the TIMER button just within 5 seconds to pick the following style.
3. The mode chosen will flash for 5 seconds then begin.

To change manners again, repeat steps 1 through 3.

In Strive Me style kids can perform the song and lighting by simply pushing the TIMER button.

In the 30, 60, and 90 minutes count down modes, the tune and lighting play ONLY in the conclusion of the count down interval.

Away Mode stops the timer.
Modes Display
Try out Me PLAY
30 Minute 30:00
60 Minute 60:00
90 minutes 90:00

Top 5 Best Potty Training Watch in Youtube

Frequently Asked Question about Potty Training Watch

Q#1: Are there distinct Potty Watches in the Marketplace?

In nature, there’s but 1 kind of potty opinion in the marketplace. You may just wear it to the wrist. Therefore, the watches operate like regular wristwatches however with various actions. If we are to classify the potty view, we could Wind up with 2:

Ornamental Potty Watches — In such a category, you’ll find the little potty watches which resemble a decorative necklace. It makes the child more comfortable when wearing it during daily tasks. Our study did reveal that kids like glittering and eye-catching things. Should you train them using an ornament, they tend to respond better every single time you remind them. In a second discovery, we now discovered that kids treasure presents. Consequently, they take good care of what they appreciate as their possessions.

Outside Potty Watches — For older kids, the best alternative is the rubber-coated ones. With those products, the kids will have the freedom to venture outside in the area. In the same way, the potty opinion won’t harm in the knocks and drops out of your playing in the outside.

Q#2: What’s the perfect age to provide a kid a potty training watch?

Many children already show signs of readiness for potty training between the ages of 18 and 24 months. Others, however, show readiness at 3 years of age.

Q#3: How does the Vibration of the Potty Watch impact my child?

Many parents worry about the health ramifications of these magnetic beams from electronics around the tender tissues of the kids. From our study, we discovered that most physicians approve using their potty watches in training the kids in good bathroom manners. Regardless of the fears of many parents, no documents reveal any negative impacts of the potty watches around the wellness of kids using them.

Q#4: What is the Most Durable Potty Watch?

Since the potty opinion is for training that the young kids of bowel control, it’s hard to say the most lasting brand in the industry. You ought to put into consideration the environment and the behavior of your child. If you’re most active, then we want you to consider the most water-resistant brands in the marketplace. If your kid is more lively, consider getting the water-resistant and marginally solid fabrics.

Likewise, if you’re not as active with your own life, you can find the softer ornamental watches which are delicate than, the larger ones. You may take a good interaction with your child as you go about doing your everyday tasks. In most of the 2 instances, the sturdiness of these potty watches depends upon how and in which the child plays along with also the manufacturing features.


I hope that these reviews on the Top 5 best potty training Watch can help you select a wearable device that can remind your toddler or older child to go potty. Say goodbye to mishaps and hello to undies! And just understand, there’s light at the end of this seemingly neverending tunnel!

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