Top 3 Best Retractable Blush Brush

This goes without saying, but even the best blush on the marketplace will look awful if applying the incorrect way. That is why quality cosmetics brushes (including dyes brushes) are worth investing in. These tools may be the difference between cosmetics which looks splotchy versus normal.

The one problem is that the industry is saturated with choices, a lot of which are not always up to snuff. To aid you, we sifted through the alternatives to find the best duvet brushes to use whenever you desire a rosy glow.

Ahead, find our selections of the best Retractable Blush Brush.

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Top 3 Best Retractable Blush Brush

#1 – Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush

Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush
  • HOURGLASS BRUSH (Retractable Kabuki). The Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush is a portable brush for buffing on blush and powder.
  • FEATURES. The ultra-soft Taklon bristles are perfectly dispersed and shaped to pick up the ideal amount of product to create the most airbrushed, perfect complexion for all-day wear.
  • HOW TO USE. Using the brush, pick up a small amount of powder and tap off excess. Apply desired product onto face.
  • TO CLEAN: Gently clean brush with mild soap and water. Lay flat to dry.
  • FORMULATED WITHOUT. Features PETA-approved, high-grade, ultra-soft Taklon bristles – a more hygienic alternative to animal hair and an excellent alternative for those who suffer from animal hair allergies.

There is nothing worse than opening your cosmetics bag and finding that all your brush bristles got smushed. That is why we appreciate this travel-friendly selection is retractable and includes a cover. Couple that with its compact dimensions, and you have got the perfect brush to throw in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups. Additionally, it touts synthetic Taklon fingernails, which harbor fewer germs than natural bristles, option for people who aren’t the best at routine brush cleaning (guilty as charged).

What Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush is:
A travel-friendly brush for dusting on blush or powder.

What it does:
This brush, such as most of the Hourglass brushes, boasts optional metal grips and high-grade, PETA-friendly Takelon synthetic bristles which guarantee the optimal application of the product.

What else You Have to understand:
Takelon bristles harbor fewer germs than animal hair, are a superb option for those who have allergies to animal hair, and can easily be cleaned with alcohol or mild soap and water.

Hourglass products are 100% cruelty-free.

#2 – Charlotte Tilbury Retractable Bronzer Brush

What it is: A handmade, kabuki-style retractable bronzer brush to easily combine and apply the product to get an airbrushed finish.

You want to Know: Charlotte especially made the brush to work together with her Airbrush Bronzer (sold separately) for the optimal, concentrated program. It is a retractable, the rose-gold layout that makes it portable and easy to use on the go.

Product Information

Darlings, my NEW! REVOLUTIONARY Kabuki-style retractable bronzer brush is your greatest attractiveness instrument! This fine-art inspired bronzing brush was hand-crafted to glide on your skin to get an airbrushed, sun-kissed, SMOOTH-looking finish on the go!

Specially designed to operate together with my NEW! Airbrush Bronzer, The Air Brush gives one of the most eloquent, flawless-looking, AIRBRUSHED APPLICATION in SECONDS!

Why is it magical?

SUPER-SOFT SYNTHETICS: Skilfully hand-made with 100 percent cruelty-free, ultra-soft artificial fibers

INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC HANDLE is specially sized for optimal control during the program

Fantastic for MAKEUP MAGIC ON-THE-GO using its portable, easy-to-use retractable, metalized rose-gold layout

#3 – Retractable Angled Face Powder Blush Bronzer Travel Kabuki Makeup Brush

Retractable Angled Face Powder Blush Bronzer
Retractable Angled Face Powder Blush Bronzer
Vela.Yue Retractable Angled Face Powder Blush Bronzer Travel Kabuki Makeup Brush
  • Beautiful and Bold, Brush in Flashy, Fun Colors, Housed in Violet Aluminum Case, Slips Easily into Any Purse
  • Soft,Dense,Durable Synthetic Fiber Hair, Form A Angled Bristle Shape, Blends Seamlessly and Contours to The Face
  • Well made, Fixed Firmly, No shedding, No smell, Portable and Slim, Good for Home or Travel Using
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan Brush, Fiber Hair is with vela.yue Unique Technology, Better Performance Than Other Hair
  • We Offer a 30-days Replacement or Money-back Guarantee. Feel free to Contact Our Friendly Customer Service, We Will Try Our Best to Solve Any Problems.

Beautiful and Classy, Brush in Flashy, Fun Colors, Housed in Violet Aluminum Case, Slips Easily into Any Purse

Soft, Dense, Durable Synthetic Fiber Hair, Type A Rounded Bristle Shape. Suitable for Face Mineral Powder Makeup

Well, created, Fixed Firmly, No shedding, No odor, Portable and Lean, Good for Home or Traveling Using

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brush, Fiber Hair is using vela. yue Distinctive Tech, Better Performance Than Other Hair

Back GuaranteeWe Provide a 30-days Replacement or Money-back Guarantee. Don’t hesitate to Contact Our Friendly Customer Service, We’ll Try Our Best to Address Any Problems

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The Way to Select a Blush Brush

Choosing a good blush brush is equally essential as it not only can help save time, but it could also ruin your entire appearance if you opt for the wrong one!

Pick Between Forms of Brush

Among different forms of makeup brushes, you will find four forms that are considered to be the best blush tools.

Routine Blush Brushes Suit All Types of Blush

Regular blush brushes are soft, fluffy, and possess a dome shape with long bristles. They seem like powder brushes, however, come in a bigger size.

If you are a beginner, we recommend this kind of brush only because they have reduced density-bristles, so that they pick up less product. That means it will be easier for you to apply blush or mend things when you make an error. They may be used for both dry and wet dyes formulas, also!

If you intend to obtain a regular blush brush, then we recommend you look closely at the dimensions of the brush. The dimensions of these bristles should fit the cheek regions where you’re going to be applying or it ought to match the dimensions of your cheekbone to provide you with the most control.

When it’s too broad or large, it is going to be tough for you to aim the cheek areas. But if it is too little, it is going to create irregular blending that is going to end in an unnatural appearance.

Stippling Brushes are Fantastic for Gel and Cream

Stippling brushes possess a combination of long and short bristles in 1 brush. The short bristles are in the center while the more bristles are round the perimeter. In addition, they have two layers of bristle: a dark base and white hints. They match gel and cream blushes since these formulations require brushes using thicker bristles to pick up this product.

The best way to utilize and use stippling brushes can also be distinct from regular brushes. You have to dab on the stippling brush (just the white tips) into the product, then do it upon your cheek and combine everything out by swirling the brush using mild pressure.

Fan Brushes Give a Natural Finish

Fan brushes aren’t as popular as ordinary or stippling brushes. They’ve long and low-density bristles, which let you apply blush in a thin layer and make it effortless to sweep the blush on your cheek. We urge them for an everyday casual look or natural finish.

Angled Brushes are Ideal for Multitasking

Angled brushes are more pliable and have a higher density of bristles when compared with regular brushes. The density and the form of these brushes make it simple to control and target certain places. Furthermore, they’re also excellent tools for emphasize and contouring, also!

Pick Between Organic and Synthetic Bristles

Brushes made from organic hair match powder flavor while synthetics are good for lotion, liquid, and gel dyes. Each provides different advantages and drawbacks. Be certain that you select one which meets your requirements.

Natural Bristles are Great and Permanent at Picking Up Pigment

Natural brushes are costly since they are normally handmade and the claws are made from the fur or hair of squirrels, goats, mink, horses, and foxes. They are very soft but lasting, good at picking up the product and mix it easily on the skin. Additionally, natural bristles are coated with cuticles that may absorb skin oils and hydrates pigment, so they are widely used as tools to use powder brushes.

If it comes to cleaning brushes, we recommend washing them lightly but not too often; differently, it may harm the bristles and lead them to lose their shape.

Artificial Bristles are Good for Skin Care, Liquid and Gel Blushes

Synthetic brushes are normally made out of polymers and nylon, so they are stronger than normal bristles. There are several distinct designs and price ranges for you to pick from. Nevertheless, they are not as costly as natural bristles.

Unlike normal bristles, they do not have cuticles, therefore that they do not absorb oils and powdery pigment nicely. Hence, they work good with lotion, gel, and liquid blushes and they are also easy to wash, too!

Go for a more powerful Handle for Better Control

A handle is quite significant and some people neglect to think about doing it. If you select the ideal length and shape, it is going to provide you greater control.

We suggest that you select a long handle within a brief one since it generates less stress when applying. Because of this, it is helpful to protect against putting an excessive amount of pigment onto your cheek and offers you a pure finish.

Do not forget to think of the form of the deal, also! Some manufacturers offer quite thin shapes, while some offer quite thick. Many people would rather have a thinner shape since it is a lot easier to catch, mix, and aids to prevent an excessive amount of pigment on your lips. But whichever you select, make sure it’s simple for you to utilize.


Q#1: How do I select a blush brush?

Go to get a fluffy angled brush, such as this MAC one (really a wax brush) if you want diffused, super-believable eyebrow colour. “You can swirl it on the cheeks and the temples up with no color being overly intense,” Barose states.

Q#2: Would you use a powder brush for flavor?

Powder brush

Plus this brush can help mix out blush and contour. To place your base, gently dust some powder throughout the face. To combine out any blush or contour simply swirl the brush around in circular motions before the desired result is attained.

Q#3: Can I use the exact same brush to get bronzer and blush?
Bronzer + Blush Brush

This brush is designed to bring some color and brightness to your skin, whether you opt to employ blush, bronzer, or even both. … IPSY suggestion: If you employ both blush and bronzer using the identical brush, just make sure you wash it in between applications –see below for the way.


Choosing the ideal Retractable Blush Brush is simple if you maintain our ideas in mind. Brush kind, bristle cloth and manage length are 3 main things we would like you to recall. Do not forget to think of your blush formula, also!

Though all brush types may be used for all sorts of blushes, they function best with various formulas. Stippling brushes match lotion, gel, and liquid formulations while other types suit powder formulations. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this guide and find a good Retractable Blush Brush that meets all of your needs shortly. Good luck with your hunt!

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