Top 4 Best Rifle Monopod

If you can’t make up your mind on which Monopods to buy then look at our Best Rifle Monopod Reviews and compare top-rated brands to discover Monopods which is best for you.

Getting the best shot for a hunter is a sign of ability, training, and patience. Even when you’re a veteran sharpshooter, it may be challenging to have a clean shot each time. That’s the point where a shooting stick comes into play. With this tool, you can improve your precision and get better in shooting in general.

Which are Shooting Sticks?
Shooting sticks–tripod, tripod, or monopod–are portable rifle rests that provide a constant platform for a precise shot. The absolute best and most seasoned hunters understand that off-hand shooting is not the best alternative –especially if shooting sticks are easily obtainable.
Here would be the best rifle monopod in the marketplace now

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Top 4 Best Rifle Monopod

SaleBestseller No. 1
Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod-PRM-Mid-Range with Quick Knob, Black, 4.75-5.65in, BT13-QK
Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod-PRM-Mid-Range with Quick Knob, Black, 4.75-5.65in, BT13-QK
Weight: 8.3 ounces; Folded Length: 4.80" approximate; Elevation Range: 4.75 – 5.65”; Designed, Engineered, Machined & Assembled in America.
Bestseller No. 3
V Yoke MB Machine Hunting Gun Rifle Stick/Monopod/Tripod Holder
V Yoke MB Machine Hunting Gun Rifle Stick/Monopod/Tripod Holder
3 inch rubber padded u shaped opening at the top; Brass insert at the bottom with 1/4-20 & 3/8 thread that fits all standard monopods
Bestseller No. 4
Hammers Telescopic Collapisble Shooting Stick Monopod Gun Pod w/V Yoke Rest Mount
Hammers Telescopic Collapisble Shooting Stick Monopod Gun Pod w/V Yoke Rest Mount
Collapisible 3sections fold to 30inch; Aluminum alloy tubing; Carbide steel tip; V yoke; Camera mount stud
Bestseller No. 5
CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Monopod
CTK PRECISION P3 Ultimate Monopod
Construction: CNC Machined from billet 6061 aluminum for high strength and low weight.; Finish: Durable MilSpec hard coat anodized.

#1, Hunter’s Specialties Shooter’s Stick

Hunter's Specialties Shooter's Stick
  • Ideal for steadying your aim when shooting from a seated ground position
  • Heavy-gauge, lightweight aluminum construction that's height adjustable with a quick-release leg lock
  • Contoured Gun Rest with adjustable bungee cord to tighten around gun barrel
  • Wrist strap to secure your aiming position
  • Extends from 17” to 36”

Many new buyers were very contented with the shooting stick. The vast majority of those users were hunters which often set up themselves in unstable terrain. 1 user said it is rather simple to stretch and the legs stretch without getting trapped. Users were happy with the general stability and endurance of the monopod.

This monopoly was created for the hunter that’s frequently struggling to maintain their rifle steady. This was created for simple setup and permits for stable holding and shooting any kind of terrain. Irrespective of the floor conditions, you simply can not lose. If stability is important to you, this shooting stick could just take the ball and run with this.

If you are a hunter in search of a shooting stick to maintain your rifle stable in almost any floor condition, this might be just what you’re looking for. Not only will you receive exceptional stability, but it is constructed to remain strong and manage almost any hunting rifle. Do not be amazed if you wind up getting more than you have bargained for with this shooting stick.

  • It’s incredibly lightweight
  • Wrist strap for Simple traveling
  • Sharp end Aids in Remain in place
  • Perfect for people using a ground blind
  • The Whole stick can match in a hunting vest
  • Rush is fairly loud
  • Doesn’t stretch very high
  • Can simply be put on terrain Which Can Be punctured

#2, Vanguard VEO 2 Shooting Stick

Vanguard VEO 2 AM-234TU Shooting Stick, Tri-Stand Base with Ball Joint, Rotating and Removeable U Shaped Yoke , Gray
  • The ball joint feature allows smooth pan and tilt options, and tri-stand's 3 feet easily fold and lock in seconds, stabilizing your shooting stick and allowing it to function like a tripod
  • The 360-degree rotating, wide U-yoke has rubber fins to secure your rifle or crossbow, and U-yoke can be removed to accommodate cameras or spotting scopes
  • Strong quarter twist leg locks provide a maximum load capacity of up to 11 pounds
  • Soft rubber handle provides an unbeatable grip in any weather; VEO 2 AM-234TU can be used as a walking stick with the included hand strap and carabineer
  • 4 section, 23mm aluminum leg. Folded length: 24. 4". Extended height: 64". Weight: 1. 96 pounds

Plenty of new buyers were amazed by all the shooting stick’s capability to manage heavier rifles. They were much more impressed with the capability to become a terrific walking stick after hiking. 1 user said he was able to utilize this not only for hunting, but uses it to provide himself for additional stability when walking around. He added that it was a much-needed stick for somebody his age.This shooting stick is a multi-purpose tool which will definitely provide you the best stability as you walk around or take aim at your target of selection.

On top of this, it’s a 360-degree rotating yolk which permits fluid motion in a lot of directions. This provides you with all kinds of angles to work together in relation to a hunting rifle. Consequently, if you would like a stick that will not squander your time trying to reposition your rifle, this will be the stick that will find the task finished.

It has its own uses for both hunting and hiking. It is durable, extendable, and will provide you the best possible support whether or not you’ve got a rifle attached or not. If you’d like a stick which will be dependable for all kinds of outdoor activities, you would be hard-pressed to find anything else quite like this.

  • U-shaped yolk rotates 360 degrees
  • Thick wrist strap for extra portability
  • Rubber fins keep your weapon in place
  • Ball joint makes for smooth transitions and movements
  • Rubber handle gives extra grip in all weather conditions
  • Pole torque rings may slip
  • Balancing may take some practice
  • Rotating head could use more latitude

#3, Benro 3 Series

Benro Aluminum Series 3 Monopod w/ 3-Leg Locking Base (A38TD)
  • The Series 3 Aluminum Monopod with 3-leg Locking Base combines classic design with advanced materials and incorporates mobility and stability to your monopod.
  • The 4 section aluminum tubes extends to a maximum height of 64" and weighs only 2.1 lbs., but can support 39.7 lbs.
  • Features a mounting plate with a highly functional reversible 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mount for attaching a video head directly to the camera.
  • The 3-Leg Locking Base comes with a 3/8"-16 female threaded foot for easy attachment to monopod.
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty (Extended to 5-Years with Online Registration).

This lightweight video monopod, accessible in the reverse lock and spinlock, provides 5.5 pounds. Payload capacity perfect for smaller cameras. The S2 Video Monopod Kit features a 3-leg locking foundation with a ball joint for smooth and stable shots together with flip folding legs for compact traveling. The S2 head includes an independent pan lock, which lets you pan easily without having to turn the whole monopod.

Other features include tilt lock, foam handgrip, and built-in bubble degree. Every Benro Video Monopod Kit relies on an eighth-generation layout of single leg tubes along with the choice of reverse lever or spin leg lock mechanics. Carrying case included.

#4, Primos Polecat Tall Monopod

Primos Pole Cat 25 to 62-Inch Tall Monopod
  • Seamless tapered-aluminum tube
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile, rugged, nylon yoke
  • Tactile rubber v-grips
  • Adjusts 25"-62"

Primos polecat tall monopod in the firm famous for its game calls has three telescoping sections and corrects from a broad array of 25 inches to 62 inches. Those people in the group that has a height advantage feel energized to for this monopod. The spin to correct mechanism differs, but silent and locks up tight. The carbide tip provides a stable rest even on rugged ground. The cushioned handle with wrist strap provides you sufficient traction and does not slip.

The non-marring V yoke retains your rifle nicely but is somewhat wobbly. The aluminum poles are lasting and stable enough. It weighs just one pound, which does not include a great deal of weight to your package when walking to and from the stand or blind. Having a normal stud, it’s compatible with cameras. It works good for spotting, also.
Best features: versions in height modification, silent operation, cost

Things to Search for Before Buying the Best Shooting Sticks?

Buying guide

Now That You’ve gone through our best choices, It’s time to Check at a Number of the features That You Ought to consider when making your choice
This listing of features can allow you to find the ideal device according to your precise specifications so you don’t wind up regretting your purchase.

The very first thing you want to have a look at is that the weight of this device. Having a shooting stick, the thicker it’s, the more stable the encounter. But if you pick a product that’s too heavy, you’ll have difficulty moving it around in 1 place to another.

You want to find the perfect balance of weight and stability to find the most portable unit within your budget. All our units have a few superb weight reduction features that further adds to their usefulness. If you’re looking for a system which allows you maneuver around while shooting, you should check into one made from aluminum.

Durability is another vital factor you have to consider when investing in a shooting stick. This usually means that you will need to have a good look at the substances where the unit is constructed. It directly impacts the longevity of this device of your own choice.

Prevent devices which are made using plastic or wood since they would frequently break down. That’s something which you don’t want to happen whenever you’re in the center of a search. Aluminum shooting sticks are a terrific choice since they are both lightweight and durable, allowing you to receive a consistent and reliable experience.

Number of Legs
Another significant thing of note while buying a shooting stick is how many legs which it includes. Normally, the greater the amount of legs, the more stable of the adventure you’ll get together with your unit. However, in turn, higher leg count will likely also need additional space.

You will find 3 distinct formats which you could find in shooting sticks. We’ll have a good look at the various versions in the next section of this report. When choosing your device, be sure to consider how much space you have when shooting as well as the amount of stability which you would need.

Ease of Use and Comfort
The principal intention of a shooting stick is to make hunting more comfortable. And in the event the apparatus of your choice takes a very long time to establish and get to utilize, it neglects its goal. Ideally, you would like a device which you are able to get up and running in as short of a period as you can.

Another thing to notice is how comfortable you’re using the device. When it’s tough to correct, then you may be better off looking for a different version.
The main idea is to find a system that lets you enjoy your search instead of make things much more complex. Ease and relaxation are essential facets which permit you to understand that you just found the ideal product.

Kinds of Shooting Sticks
As we’ve mentioned previously, there are a couple of distinct kinds of shooting sticks, three to be precise, dependent on the number of legs. The versions are monopod, tripod, and tripod. We’ll go in-depth into each of the categories to allow you to decide which is the ideal selection for you.

Monopod Shooting Sticks
As its name suggests, monopod shooting sticks include a single leg which may be adjusted to place the ideal height. These are the easiest of the three and also provide you with a good quantity of precision and higher freedom. Because of this, it’s frequently the option of people who prefer to remain on their toes when hunting.
Using a monopod shooting stick, you can just pick up your apparatus, run across, place it up in a flash, and begin shooting. It’s quick, convenient, and powerful. However, it will have a little influence since there are not any extra poles to supply assistance. But vertically, it keeps your gun safe in place.

Bipod Shooting Sticks
Bipod goes a step up over monopod shooting sticks and offers you another leg to operate with. This addition, though it increases the stability, ends in a somewhat more complex unit. What’s more, it’s also somewhat heavier than some single leg shooting stick.
The best thing about this kind of unit is they remove the side to side wiggle which you have using monopod apparatus. But, it’s much less portable and requires a little time to establish. Because of this, you may notice birds would be the option of snipers or long-range shooters, that are often in a prone position.

Tripod Shooting Sticks
Finally, the tripod shooting sticks include three legs and extend the maximum stability you could request. Having this kind of device, you are able to control both your horizontal and vertical motion. In case you’ve got a proper understanding of how to use it then you’ll certainly get a great deal of utility from a tripod unit.

But it arouses your freedom and provides a whole lot of complications when setting the unit up. A tripod shooting stick works best when you use it in a controlled setting that gives you the time to put up completely.


We hope you’ve found our comprehensive review and buying guide of the best rifle monopod for your cash informative and beneficial. This information should provide you a comprehensive idea of this gadget.
Our goal is to help you find the ideal product so you could score big on the next hunting trip. Good Luck!

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