Top 3 Best Shock Mount

There are lots of benefits of having a shock mount to your everyday usage. We’re here to assist you to pick the most suitable one for your own functions out of all the best available products in the market today. We’ve listed out the most suitable shock mounts to your everyday functions after careful inspection and comparative research between 100’s of products.  Notice: Simply because we blow off a shock mount in the contest section does not indicate it is not good. The following are our selections for the best shock mounts for most people — you might have particular preferences, which make another shock bracket better for you. Here we provide the Top 3 Best Shock Mount

Top 3 Best Shock Mount

#1, Knox Gear Blue Yeti Shock Mount

Knox is among the businesses which do not concentrate on a single category of products in particular but instead supplies a huge array of distinct products. Their Gear Blue Yeti shock mount is also an inexpensive yet fairly powerful means of getting rid of these pesky vibrations.

The ring and the mounting arm are made from aluminum, making the entire thing fairly lightweight but durable enough too. All the other bits are plastic and frankly do not feel as strong as I’d anticipated.

The real plates which hold the mike don’t provide much grip, but since the microphone is procured through the threaded connector, it will not fall out.

What is really awesome is that it is possible to adjust the angle of the bracket, which means it is simple to place the entire thing up in a really comfortable manner. The mounting thread provides an excess layer of vibration canceling since it’s lined with a thick piece of felt.

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable angle
  • Extra vibration canceling
  • Feels flimsy

#2, Blue Radius II 4692 Shockmount for Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti Shock Mount, Alloy Shockmount Reduces Vibration Noise Matching Mic Boom Arm, Compatible for Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro Microphone by YOUSHARES
  • Professional Shock mount - Specially designed for Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro microphone to reduce vibration. Reduce your audio editing time.(Not Applicable to Blue Yeti Nano Mic)(Boom Arm Stand Not Included)
  • Perfect Improve - Shock Mount for Blue Yeti microphone isolates you microphone from noise, shock and vibrations. Like floor tapping, desk bumping, putting down the drink, rolling your chair, adjusting the boom, etc. You can choose this Blue Yeti shock mount for better sound pickup.
  • Compact Design - It is only half the size of the Blue Radius II/ III. Shockmount is lighter weight and smaller, more streamlined design. It is quite attractive in your recording studio with a "high-tech" look.
  • Boom Arm Capability - Perfectly match the most of boom arm.(EX: Rode PSA1 Swivel, Rode Scissor, Blue Compass) No adapter is required. Specially double-size thread designed to fit US and EU microphone boom arm.
  • Exquisite Design - Rubber mat between the metal bolt and microphone attaches that prevent scratches from your microphone or mount and will bitter cinch down the bolt.This blue yeti accessories is simple to set up, and it can have a good effect when installed.

In case you’re looking for a trusted shock mount that’ll keep your mic safe and protected, this can be the version for you. Blue Radius II 4692 is incredibly efficient because of its cost and nicely designed to fit snugly around the Blue Yeti so that you won’t have any problems attaching it taking it off. In addition, it comes in two distinct colors — if you are not interested in the Blackout layout, the Whiteout one is your exact same layout, only white instead of black. We particularly like how tasteful the colors are, with none of the paint chipping away or getting damaged by excess usage.

Due to this, we suggest that you make sure before you buy the remainder of your installation can handle the burden of the gadget. Most mic stands may, and that means you should not have a problem, however, it is still very important to confirm.

Probably the best thing about this gadget is that it’s really built to last, using incredibly durable substances holding it effortlessly. Despite being used very often in a number of different contexts, the layout itself didn’t reveal any indication of wear, something that’s an indication of excellent design.

The above weight also brings a hand to keep the shock mount sturdy, with it being quite tough to proceed economically. The main reason why this is our favorite product on this listing is due to the way that it’s really intuitive to set up and use out of the box, so staying that way however long you use it.

  • Built to last, made from durable materials
  • Intuitive to set up and utilize
  • Efficient layout
  • A little too thick

#3, Blue Radius II Microphone Shock Mount for Yeti and Yeti Pro

Blue Radius II Microphone Shock Mount for Yeti and Yeti Pro with Improved Hinge Design - Whiteout
  • Custom designed shock mount for Yeti and Yeti Pro USB microphones
  • Isolates the microphone from noise, shock and vibrations
  • New improved hinge design that locks in place
  • Works with both US and Euro microphone stands

And finally, at number 3, we’ve got that the Radius II, coming from Blue. Going for an attachment coming from precisely the exact same company as the apparatus it is for can cost a little extra, but is often your best choice.

The bracket consists of two different metallic rings which are connected only through elastic strings, eliminating pretty much all of the vibrations which may get in the way.

The hinge for adjusting the angle of the bracket is metal too, and because it locks, as soon as you’ve discovered the ideal positioning, you do not need to be worried about it.

The Radius II works with the Yeti and the Yeti Pro, making it future-proof in case you update to the pro version anytime soon.

  • Better vibration canceling
  • Total solid construct
  • Locking hinge
  • Pricey

Do I Really Need A Shockmount?

Why Purchase A Shock Mount?

While the further cost of a shock mount might appear unnecessary, but there are lots of good reasons for getting you. Listed below are a couple of these:

• Provides Superior Audio Quality

Achieving the exceptional audio quality that you listen to in professional podcasts is much more challenging than it sounds. Even subtle gestures such as touching the microphone, thumping the table, or changing the microphone’s place can create undesirable vibrations that travel into your mic.

That is only because these sounds penetrate throughout the diaphragm of the mic instead of reaching it via the atmosphere.

The principal intention of shock mounts would be to stop vibrations from traveling into your mic. This helps to ensure your music comes out clean and sharp.

The unwanted effects of vibration on sound quality depending upon the sensitivity of your own mic. Some mics might be resistant to most of those subtle actions, while some pick up the smallest of vibrations. Normally, many mics wind up needing a shock mount to stabilize sound quality.

• Offers your Studio a Professional Appearance and Audio

Shock mounts are a staple in most professional studios. Even when you’re just beginning your career as a podcaster, having you may not just provide you that professional sound quality but also the correct appearance. Even in case you’ve got a humble studio, then adding such gear can prepare one for expansion.

• Makes a Smooth Podcast Expertise

In the ocean of most podcasts from all around the planet, your podcast should stand out to be a victory. The first requirement for this achievement is a smooth sailing podcast encounter.

A shock mount might look to be a little addition, but it may make a startling difference. Using a shock bracket, your songs can be without any undesirable distractions, sound glitches, and hiccups to provide an experience fit for a high-quality podcast.


All over are our tips for the condenser shock bracket. This may not suit you, therefore we would like that you just read all the detail information to client reviews to pick yours. Please, also help share your expertise when using condenser shock bracket together comment in this post. Thank you!