Top 3 Best Shower Timer

While I have a shower, I’m transported to a different world. I lose track of time then need to dash to escape the doorway, so I’m not late for work! I finally purchased a shower clock to keep tabs on my bathtub time in the mornings. I am never late to operate. Has that ever happened to you? Then consider the Top 3 Best Shower Timer for your toilet. We’ve provided reviews of our favorite products.

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Top 3 Best Shower Timer

Bestseller No. 3
PF WaterWorks PF0551 Time-N Five (5) Minute Hour Glass Timer, Suction Cup, Excellent for Children Bathroom, Saves Water Every Shower, Green
PF WaterWorks PF0551 Time-N Five (5) Minute Hour Glass Timer, Suction Cup, Excellent for Children Bathroom, Saves Water Every Shower, Green
Helps save water with each shower; Excellent for children bathroom; Easy way to monitor and reduce shower time
Bestseller No. 4
New Resources Group Shower Clock Timer, Five Minute Shorter Shower & Save | Baño de 5 Minuto
New Resources Group Shower Clock Timer, Five Minute Shorter Shower & Save | Baño de 5 Minuto
Save Water; Shorter Shower; Save Money; Suction Cup backing; Spanish & English

#1, Efergy Shower Timer & Alarm

Efergy Showertime Shower Timer & Alarm
  • calibrate the showertime timer to the flow rate of your shower head
  • visual display shows your current water usage
  • alarm will sound when have used your target amount of water or time
  • supplied with both lanyard and suction cap

The Efergy Shower Timer & Alarm grabs the number one place since it has pleasing aesthetics, higher customer reviews, and how it has the power to calibrate along with your bathtub’s specific flow speed in order to maximize maximum shower period and exhibits current water use.

  • Ability to calibrate to particular shower timer and leak speed
  • Bright, fun color and appearance to it
  • Certainly shows digital amounts Because of vibrant screen
  • Instructions were difficult to understand and there was no service available. If you wind up purchasing and also have difficulty setting up, my advice would be to go to amazon remarks there several shoppers have submitted their experiences and simple to methods to streamline the setup so it is not quite as confusing.

#2, KADAMS Digital Clock Timer

KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Kitchen Wall Clock Timer with Alarm, Waterproof for Water Spray, Touch Screen Timer, Temperature Humidity, Suction Cup Hanging Hole Stand (Black)
  • Waterproof - IP24 protection from any direction and from touch by fingers. Suitable for use in bathroom, shower and kitchen areas with a splash proof rating. Essential to keep track of time and save water. Avoid placing clock directly in front of heavy water spray. Updated design with Low Battery Indicator will appear on Lcd screen when battery power lower than 2.75v.
  • Time Management Tool - Clock Timer with total countdown up to 99mins. Time Display 12/24 hour switchable 12hr am/pm or 24hr Clock.
  • Timer Alarm - loud and clear but not deafening can be heard in nearby rooms. People who suffer from mild hearing loss should have no problem hearing the alarm. Requires the full strength of new 2 x aaa Alkaline Batteries of same kind for the initialization setup process.
  • Indoor Temperature Thermometer Display - C/F switchable Celsius and Fahrenheit range between 0°C-50°C and 32°F-122°F.
  • Indoor Humidity Hygrometer Display - range is 20% - 95%. Toothbrush Timer great tool to help kids get motivated to brush their teeth. This touch timer will definitely help your kids to develop good habits. As also encourages 2 - 3 minute brushing time with alarm at completion. Adult supervision required.

The KADAMS digital clock timer takes the number two place since it nails down the fundamental functionalities necessary to period showers, time brushing, quantify humidity, and quite much shine in maintaining environmentally conscious hygiene routines.

  • IP24 Waterproof Rating
  • Clock time Screen 12/24 hr switchable
  • Touchscreen
  • Indoor temperature display
  • Indoor humidity display
  • LCD screen display better for eyesight and easy to read from far away
  • 3 mounting methods (stands, the hole for a wall hanging, suction cup readily sticks to glass, window, mirror walnut, some ceramic tiles, stainless steel AND any non-porous surface with a shiny finish)
  • Waterproof seal makes sure the electronic clock does not suffer from moisture penetrating into the inside and foggy up screen.
  • Simple, compact packaging makes this ideal option for a Present
  • Some reviews complained about how the timer maintained turning randomly
  • The screen was difficult to view when looking at right on, counseled to put in a place over the Pure eyeliner
  • The apparatus was bigger than some reviewers expected although its measurements were certainly expressed as L 105.7millimeter * H 109.7millimeter * W 41.55mm
  • The suction cup way of placing this product was”temperamental” to get a few reviewers and does not work on certain kinds of ceramic tile, which may be a deal-breaker.

#3, Atomic Bathroom 7.5″ Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3108-BBB 7.5 inch Water Resistant Atomic Clock with Temperature, Silver
  • Weather resistant with sealed backing, can operate outdoors (protect from direct precipitation and sunlight)
  • Atomic self set time and date (optional manual set) with automatic updates for Daylight saving time (on/off option) and 4 Time zone settings: EST, CST, MST & PST
  • Glass lens and metal hands
  • Suction cup mounts – adheres to glass, tile, & other non-porous surfaces, or hang with a nail or screw (not included)
  • Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included)

The Atomic Toilet 7.5′ Bathroom hitter comes with a digital temperature display, so you receive a precise temperature screen and time readings.

This shower clock is true in temperature reading, and also the electronic temperature display provides all of your desired needs.

This bath clock also includes strong suction cups, making it effortless to mount to glass, tile, mirrors, and non-porous surfaces.

When mounting non-porous surfaces, you need to use a screw or nail.

This shower clock is the ideal accent for kitchens and garden patios.

The pleasing aesthetic shower clock is excellent for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The shower clock will display time according to a radio signal in the National Institute of Standard & Technology Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In addition to this nuclear self-set attribute, the shower clock also automatically corrects itself during the daylight saving period.

According to client reviews, the client support agents are always ready to assist in the event you have any questions.

If you’re looking for a pleasing shower clock that will serve you, this shower clock is a favorite choice.

  • Resistant to water
  • Soft measure motion
  • Includes suction cups for mounting
  • Atomic self-set time
  • Includes digital temperature display
  • Perfect indoor and outdoor clock
  • Simple to Observe that the screen
  • Pricey when compared with other shower clocks

Buying Guide

While shopping for a waterproof shower clock, there are lots of variables to keep an eye out for. For instance, you wish to understand whether it can assess the humidity or temperature in your toilet or not. We’ve identified the most crucial factors to consider prior to making a selection.

Time and Date Screen

Certainly, every shower clock gets the capacity to show the current time provided that it is powered. But shower clocks comprise various formats. You ought to be aware of the structure peculiar to the version you are buying and purchase only according to your own preference. In addition, should you would like to get the current date displayed, then you need to purchase a clock together with the purpose.

Temperature Display

The best shower clocks include a built-in thermometer. They have the capability to quantify indoor temperatures. Consequently, if you are keen on observing the warmth in your toilet, you need to purchase design with the capacity to measure temperature and allow you to discover just how hot it’s in your toilet. Happily, most of the products on our list have this attribute.

Humidity Display

Apart from observing indoor temperatures using a shower clock, do you understand it is possible to also observe space humidity with you? Many models now include built-in hygrometers that will assist you to quantify the relative humidity in your toilet. If you want this purpose, make certain you purchase a model that’s created to provide it in an efficient way.


The timer feature is just another very significant one. It can help to restrict your shower time, particularly when you’re in a rush or you will find many others who wish to use the restroom. For this reason, you should strongly consider a shower clock using a timer.


The simple need for any shower clock would be to have the ability to withstand at least water splashes. You should not need to be fearful of the clock getting damaged by water splashes. You need to purchase a version that may resist water to a sensible extent.


Q1: Why is your timer suitable for gravity feed warm water?

A1: Shower Timer isn’t suggested to be used with unequal cold and hot water pressure. The taps can be rendered turned on, which may permit the high-pressure water to return into the low-pressure line causing problems. Gravity fed hot water is only suitable if the cold water can also be gravity fed.

Q2: In case of a commercial power failure, do I want to re-set the bathtub and waiting times once the energy is restored?

A2: No! The settings that you pick will hold permanently irrespective of the length of time the electricity is off.

Q3: How much power does the shower timer consume (heavy-duty model)?

A3: It consumes less than 10 Watts. 50 showers of 6 minutes per cost less than 1 cent in total. If not in use, it consumes less than 2 Watts that is under a microwave oven. That costs about 6 cents each week, for that it provides an adequate toilet light.


There are lots of alternatives to consider if you wish to purchase a shower clock. Considering all the information provided in our manual, you’ve got sufficient information to make a perfect choice. Whether you receive a clock that only displays the moment or a shower clock which also features an alert feature, you’ll never be late after taking a shower again!

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