Top 3 Best Woobie in 2021

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“Woobie” is a nickname given to U.S. army poncho liners. These liners are often issued to troops that are deployed in the field and therefore are utilized to keep the heat in cooler climates. The liner is constructed with polyester batting encased in two layers of quilted nylon. Additionally, it has tie-cords in the corners and corners so that it could be emptied through matching grommets on rain ponchos.

An internet search for the expression”woobie” yields some interesting outcomes. Many are advertisements to market cookies and assorted woobie items. They vary from routine poncho liners to coats as well as baby blankets made from cookie fabric. This is actually the listing of Best Woobie, most of us anticipate that one or 2 are for your liking, and be sure that you give all of them an opinion! Listed below are the Top 4 Best Glomitts.

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Top 3 Best Woobie

SaleBestseller No. 1
HighSpeedDaddy Poncho Liner Woobie Military Style Lightweight Blanket OCP Camo (Multicam, Adult)
LARGE - 82" x 60" full adult size; PERFECT ADD ON PRODUCT - Great addition to the HSD Diaper Bag or HSD Lunch Bag
Bestseller No. 2
Skechers Women's Bobs Super Soft Woobie Full Zip Jacket, Chili Pepper, L
Full zip jacket with Bobs for Dogs logo zipper pull; Contrast color interior neck; Single welt opoen side pockets
SaleBestseller No. 3
OCP Military Poncho Liner Woobie Blanket Nylon
Made from nylon; Military Grade warmth, built to last; Ripstop nylon shell and polyester insulation for lightweight warmth

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#1 – 5ive Star Gear Woobie 3-In-1 Survival Blanket

5ive Star Gear Woobie 3-in-1 Survival Blanket
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: The compact blanket is made of Polyester 210T rip-stop material and features ties that can be used as a poncho liner.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: The outdoor blanket features a snap closure along the outer edge for extra security as well as to help keep out wind and cold air. It also includes a 210T rip-stop compression stuff sack for storage.
  • MULTIPLE USAGE: Two-way nylon zipper of the blanket gives the option of leaving the bottom open, forming a 'tube', which is useful when wearing boots or sitting around in the cold.
  • VERSATILE FEATURES: Built-in zippers allow two blankets to be zipped together for a sleeping bag that is double the size, and the double pull tabs allows for inside or outside access.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: It is specially designed for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, at the beach, or as an emergency roll up blanket, and more. Also great for indoor use as down blanket or activity blanket.

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A fantastic addition to some bug-out tote or camping gear for use as a blanket, shield, pillow, floor cover, or hot, lightweight sleeping bag when using the zipper attribute. Made from polyester 210T rip-stop featuring ties for using as a poncho liner. Two-way nylon zipper provides the choice of using as a sleeping bag or leaving the floor open, forming a”tube”, helpful when wearing boots, or sitting round in the cold. Zippers are constructed to let two blankets to be zipped together for a sleeping bag that’s double the size. Double pull tabs allow for inside or external accessibility when using a sleeping tote with snap closures along the outside border for additional safety and to keep out wind and cold atmosphere. Includes 210T rip-stop compression stuff bag for storage.


  • Made from polyester 210T rip-stop featuring ties for using as a poncho liner
  • Two-way nylon zipper provides the option of using as a sleeping bag or leaving the floor open, forming a”tube”, useful when wearing boots or sitting round in the chilly
  • Zippers Are Designed to let two blankets to be zipped together to get a sleeping bag That’s double the size
  • Double pull tabs allow for inside or external accessibility when using as a sleeping tote
  • Snap closure combined outer border for Added safety and to keep out wind and cold atmosphere
  • Includes 210T rip-stop compression stuff sack for storage
  • Dimensions: 86″ L 64″ W, Weight: 1.9 pounds.

#2 – Kifaru Woobie & Doobie

The Kifaru Woobie & Doobie are intended to substitute the USGI poncho liner and are MUCH warmer. They’re also good as a sleeping bag liner or floor fabric. Our Apex insulation is continuous filament – so powerful that no quilting is necessary. Additionally, it’s a much better”feel” and draping abilities – no quilting, therefore there are no cold spots. Coupled with our water-resistant RhinoSkin Shell, you receive instant heat and protection. Best, however, the Woobie & Doobie are extremely compressible as a result of a state of the art materials utilized. Same great things we utilize in our sleeping bags.


Construction: Our proprietary RhinoSkin™ – that the lightest/toughest substance available with a superb DWR finish for water resistance, along with the reversible two-tone color scheme provides more blending latitude.

Insulation: We utilize Apex insulation on the woobie and Doobie. Continuous filaments provide superior durability, moisture resistance, durability, thermal efficiency, and superb packing efficiency compared to cut or down staple insulation.


Cleaning: Machine washes warm or cold with mild detergent. The front-load machine just. No bleach. Tumble dry warm to not exceed 120°F shop unstuffed.

Storage, long-duration: uncompressed
Short term: that the built-in a stuff sack is just fine.

#3 – Poncho Liner Woobie

Woobie DD-214 Poncho Liner Blanket
  • Take your military pride literally anywhere with our Woobie DD-214 Poncho Liner Blanket
  • Your favorite blanket from your military service is now available to you as a veteran with a (blank) DD-214 on it
  • This Poncho Liner Blanket has the make, feel, and function as your trusty Woobie back in the days of your service.
  • Measures 63" x 92"
  • Machine Washable

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The Woobie. It is here! The US Patriot Camo Poncho Liner, a genuine US Army surplus thing, is a staple of installation life since its usage in Vietnam — and here is your opportunity to have one! This moist weather poncho liner is known as the Woobie for a really good reason — it is synonymous with warmth and comfort. Following a day in Mother Nature’s worst, there is nothing better to creep inside; it stops the wind and retains in your body heat.

Made of 100% nylon outer shell with 100% polyester batting, the moist weather poncho liner is accessible with no zipper. This thing is really a miracle at trapping in the warmth and keeping the cold out. This is only one of those single-most loved things in the armed forces; even long-time retired vets will not part with them. The US Patriot Camo Poncho Liner is approx. 63″ by 80″ and is available now for order.

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5 Uses to get a Woobie Blanket

The Woobie blanket receives supreme compliments from many active and former service members. It is a poncho liner, made of polyester batting sandwiched between two sheets of nylon, and generally given to troops when they’re sent on assignments in regions with cold climates.

Many have lauded this useful blanket because of its vast array of applications, which go past the battle frontline. Thus, what’s so particular about this liner that’s every soldier praising it? What works can you reach with a Woobie quilt? These days, we have a look at five potential applications of this Woobie Blanket.

A Woobie As A Packable Blanket For Your Bug Out Bag

A Woobie blanket is a good package blanket for the bug out bag. They fold flat and can easily be saved in the main compartment or wrapped and fastened to your bunch with compression straps.

The Woobie blanket provides the ideal means to stay warm without adding too much weight to your bag. Your sleeping bag provides a wonderful spot to sleep but isn’t cozy enough. Throw in the Woobie Blanket, and you’re virtually setting up a bedroom. This lightweight, warm, waterproof blanket guarantees you will have a trusted blanket and speedy installation sleeping bag for if you want a fast nap.

In addition, it can be utilized as a floor blanket or sleeping mat also.

A Woobie Blanket Is Very Good for Your Home

Not only for the outside, but the Woobie blanket is also a comfy, practical accessory you can drape over your couch for cover and warmth. The woobie blanket usage on the sofa goes beyond providing body heat. Most contemporary woobies come in a range of colors and might just provide the desired aesthetic to give your living room a dash of color. You might even utilize the cookie blanket with your typical bedtime comforter for extra warmth and coziness.

You can fold it up and easily keep it when not in use. Another advantage is that unlike fabric blankets, the nylon casing of this cookie is readily spot-cleaned, in the event of spills or getting anything onto it.

The Woobie Additionally Works Well As Originally Intended

The original use of a cookie is really a poncho liner, providing insulation from cold temperatures or by heat-robbing precipitation.

Depending upon your degree of imagination and willingness to recreate your poncho, you can realize a vast assortment of apparels which don’t only shout your patriotism into a nation but also demonstrate you have a keen fashion sense. A few items of clothing which you may result in the poncho liner include bathrobes, coats, trench coats, and raincoats, amongst others.

A Woobie May Also Be Utilized As A Tent Divider

You can string your Woobie blanket throughout the tent to flaunt your own territory.

For military personnel and hikers alike, solitude is crucial when living in tented camps. Intents that are shared, the nearest you can get to an ounce of solitude is that the usage of a sleeping bag within your own duplex. You might not feel personal whatsoever when everybody who walks by will view your belongings.

The woobie blanket also comes in handy as a partitioning choice whenever you’re out camping with the family. In a family-size tent, then you can split the space into manageable units depending on how a lot of people you went camping with.

You might also use just one as a floor tarp or tent flooring liner if you’d like to.

Tactica Defense Fashion’s Poncho Liner/Woobie Blanket

Our furry little buddies deserve just a little bit of love also, and also a cookie may also produce an excellent dog bed. It functions nicely in the house or can be easily folded and packaged for traveling along with your fur babies.

You might also fold your Woobie blanket to make a comfy landing mattress in the base of the kennel for the dog. This will provide a whole lot of warmth and also a great location for your pet to perform in. Moreover, the Woobie blanket in the base of the kennel provides a waterproof and dustproof surface, making it a good deal easier to wash out the cage.

In the event that you had used the Poncho liner for some time, converting it into a puppy bed is a great idea since the blanket still contains traces of your distinctive odor. The puppy will probably be at peace sleeping on the mattress, knowing that its master is always about. This may also be a terrific idea for puppies who get separation anxiety as you’re out on errands or on the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woobie Blanket
Woobie Blanket

Q#1: Why the Woobie is your best military invention?

Far from dwelling on installation, pulling your woobie on your shoulders provides a feeling of security that’s rather often absent. In other words, it’s the best thing to be issued with the U.S. army. The woobie: not leave home without it.

Q#2: Why would they call it a Woobie?

Poncho liners were used by the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War. They gained the nickname”woobie” afterward; this word is conjectured to have originated from the name for a child’s safety blanket in the 1983 film Mr. Mom.

Q#3: What’s a Woobie in the army?

“Woobie” is a nickname given to U.S. army poncho liners. These liners are often issued to troops that are deployed in the field and therefore are utilized to keep the heat in cooler climates. The liner is constructed with polyester batting encased in two layers of quilted nylon.

Q#4: Can you bathe a Woobie?

Just throw it in the washer and then wash it just like everything else. Are you talking about the authentic poncho liner? In that case, go ahead and machine wash, nonagitation, hang dry. There’s but 1 woobie in the Army.

Q#5: How far can one Woobie weigh?

About 1 1/2 lbs
A cookie is a somewhat common name for a”safety blanket” in baby chat someplace in the USA. I am told GI’s attached the title into the poncho liner sometime post-Viet Nam era. They weigh roughly 1 1/2 lbs.


After analyzing over posts about Woobie and client reviews, we now rank the Best Woobie. The table reveals the Top 3 Best Woobie to purchase in the marketplace.

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